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Guide to leasing

Guide to leasing

Electric and Hybird

Electric and Hybird

About Ready2Lease

About Ready2Lease

Welcome to Ready2lease | Car and van leasing

Why choose Ready2Lease?

At Ready2lease, we take your car or van as seriously as if it were our own. We collate the best deals available from dealers, manufacturers and funders to ensure rates are best in market, giving you the choice with only one company to work with. We have dedicated professionals with years of leasing experience, a super friendly and organised admin team as well as relationships with third party suppliers for motoring extra’s such as charging points. Need to know more?  View our comprehensive guide to leasing.


What are the benefits of leasing my next car or van?

Leasing enables you to drive a brand-new vehicle for a fixed monthly rate, not having to worry about future values or unprecedented costs. You can take advantage of having the latest technology and most fuel-efficient engines, not to mention access to the latest electric vehicles.

We can offer low initial payments, saving you having to spend your saving on a deposit and helping you budget every month – Keeping your savings, saved.

Contracts are written to your exact needs, you choose the mileage and the length, the car, colour and extras are all at your disposal to make it your own. At the end of the contract, we will offer you the chance to order a replacement key for key, with no downtime

Personal Leasing Explained

Personal leasing is really straightforward and a great alternative to buying cars outright. Also known as personal contract hire (PCH), you have the opportunity to have a brand new car every few years without the need for large deposits or the risks of depreciation. The monthly cost is fixed so you can budget accordingly and the option to add a maintenance package gives you the extra comfort of knowing that everything is covered. Charing points are available too.

Business Leasing explained

Business leasing, also known as business contract hire or BCH is a simple and convenient way to acquire new car or vans for your company. Helping to protect your cashflow, leasing your business vehicles gives you quick access to new vehicles, giving you the security of a reliable new vehicle to ensure your business keeps on moving. VAT registered businesses can claim back some of the lease cost and at the end of the contract there is no asset to dispose of and there is no depreciation to account for.

All inclusive leasing with maintenance

When you order a vehicle from Ready2lease on personal or business hire, you'll need to arrange a service at least once per year, as well as ensure the vehicle remains safe on the roads. This might mean replacing tyres or brake pads & discs.

By including the maintenance package, you can pay for these things monthly to help you spread the cost. Dealerships across the country near you will carry out the work and you can drive away once complete, no invoices and no need to reclaim the costs.

Find out more

You'll wish you'd leased sooner

The Ready2lease team work very closely with manufacturers, national dealers and source the best rates from major finance providers. If you are looking for your new lease car or your first lease car, you've come to the right place.

Combined automotive experience of 20 years and counting has given us the relationships and experience to get you any car you desire with some of the cheapest lease car deals available today.

Personal or business lease for car and commercial vehicles - Live chat / Call today or email our support teams!


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