New Ford Explorer Lease UK

The Ford explorer is coming to Europe, and specifically the Ford Explorer is coming the UK and you can lease one as early as September 2024, assuming you get your order in fairly early as demand is likely to exceed supply, certainly for the last quarter of 2024.


How much is the new Ford Explorer?

Depending on your trim level, the new Explorer starts at £39, 875 plus extra such as RFL (Road fund licence, also known as road tax) 

If you move up a trim level the Ford Explorer Premium comes in at £49,975, which is also available with a higher power output of 340ps over the standard 286, priced at a juicy £53,975, plus any extras such as paint you choose.


Is the New Ford Explorer only available as Electric?

Yes, based on the specifications you can view on the Ford UK website, the new Ford Explorer is only available as a fully electric vehicle (EV).


What is the range on the new Ford Explorer?

The Select trim is the entry level and offers a combined electric range of 374 miles.  The Premium trim has two options, a 77kWh battery giving 354 miles or a 79kWh battery with extra horsepower and 328 miles on a full charge.


What is the fast charge ability on the new Ford Explorer?

According to the specification from Ford, you can charge from 10% up to 80% in a little under 30 minutes, depending on exactly which model you choose.


What else do we know about the new Ford Explorer?

Well, the interior looks stunning, with quilted diamond print seats and a self-named “MegaConsole” which gives you 17L of front storage space under the armrest, according to Ford this is enough space for multiples large bottles of pop, a handbag and a laptop.  Sounds really useful actually.

Charging is made simple, other than the current charging network there is also the Ford BlueOval charge network, which has 36,000 odd locations in the UK.

A 14.6 Inch screen is standard, with built in Sat Nav, including a handy EV trip feature to help ensure you don’t run low on juice. 

Something we love to see when we write about new cars is the abundance of safety and convenience that technology allows us to benefit from and the Explorer is bang on tune.  Expect to see adaptive cruise control, adaptive matrix LED headlights and a 360 camera.  Driver assistance packs are also available and feature multiple cameras (5), three radar sensors and a dozen ultrasonic sensors. 


The new Ford Explorer is available for delivery from around September onwards.  Pricing on the website will be live as soon as our lenders publish them. 

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