Leasing a car in Northern Ireland

Residents in Northern Ireland can lease a car from Britain and have it delivered to you in N.I, or collected from a dealer or port.


The good news is that both options are possible, but not always.  The decision on NI deliveries based normally based on two elements.

1) Is the vehicle registered?  Pre-reg vehicle can sometimes be disallowed from being leased by N.I residents, which is not due to law but is due to a variation in lender terms and conditions.

2) Who is the lender?  Most lenders allow cars and vans to be taken across the Irish Sea, but not all of them.  

So that's it!  We cannot say exactly which offers can and cannot be taken over, as there are just too many that change too quickly, but a simple email or phone call to us and we can confirm the eligibility in most cases on the same call. 

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Leasing a car in Northern Ireland is straightforward and simple to do in 4 basic steps:

1) Check with us the offer is eligible for N.I

2) Complete your credit application

3) If approved, sign your order form, your finance documents and pay your processing fee.

4) Arrange collection or delivery of your new lease

More Frequently asked questions about leasing a car in N.I

In most cases we would encourage you to collect the car if you can.  Whilst this does add to your expenses to factor in travel arrangements, the cost of this is normally less than if it were to arranged the other way.  It is also sometimes the case that collection is the only option - but you'll need to check this with us.  If mobility and travel is a concern for you, we will endeavour to have the vehicle delivered but please understand the additional cost will need to be covered.

Yes, the same rules for commercial vehicles applies as it does to cars.

Yes, in our Nissan offers are almost always available for customers in Northern Ireland.

Yes, in our Volkswagen offers are almost always available for customers in Northern Ireland - Most of which are from Volkswagen Financial Services and as such are only available for collection from Great Britain. 

Our prices for NI customers is exactly the same as for GB customers.  Not additional costs are incurred, except deliveries fee's if applicable.