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Skoda currently offers a variety of quality vehicles, from small city cars and hatchbacks to larger family vehicles, sport utility vehicles, and groundbreaking Electric Vehicles. Some of the most popular models in the Skoda range include the Fabia, Scala, Kamiq, Octavia, Superb, Karoq, Kodiaq and the all new fully Electric Enyaq SUV.

Skoda vehicles feature contemporary design, comfort, and innovation. The brand is renowned for its superb quality, durability, and Skoda cars come with a host of advanced safety and technology features. Skoda's vehicles are also great value for money, offering a lot of car for less than many of its competitors. If you're looking for a reliable car that will last, then Skoda could be the perfect choice!

Car leasing is an alternative way to finance a vehicle. There are several reasons why someone might choose to lease a car, rather than buying one. Leasing may be a more affordable option since you're not paying for the entire car upfront. You can also get access to newer models with the latest technology more quickly without the need to sell or trade-in your existing car. Leasing can also be more convenient since you don't need to worry about the high costs of maintenance and repair, and you can switch out for a new car every few years. At the end of the lease, the car must be returned to the leasing company.

Deals on Skoda

We currently have great deals on 8 fantastic Skoda Cars.

Skoda Fabia, the stylish All-new supermini features as standard 15-inch alloy wheels, LED headlights, rear parking sensors, air-conditioning, a DAB radio, and safety tech you'd perhaps expect to see on more expensive models. The Fabia has 8 colours to choose from, 3 trim levels, and the frugal 1.0 litre petrol engine comes in 3 different power outputs. You will struggle to find a better value for such a well-equipped car.

Skoda Karoq, the mid-sized SUV offers what matters most for family buyers: comfort, useful practicality, and exceptional levels of standard equipment. The Karoq has 7 different colours to choose from, 3 trim levels, and 3 different engine sizes to suit every need. 

Skoda Scala, the family hatch offers a totally unrivalled combination of space, comfort, quality, and value. Standard equipment is good across the range, as is the fuel economy offered by the Scala's range of petrol engines. The Scala comes in 10 different colours, 5 trim levels, and 3 different petrol engines in a range of power outputs. 

Skoda Kamiq is simply the best small SUV on the market. A fantastic all-rounder the compact crossover offers enough space and practicality to act as a family car coupled with great economy and generous equipment levels. The Kamiq comes in 10 different colours, 5 trim levels, and 3 different petrol engines from the frugal 1.0 litre to the pokey 1.5 litre TSI. 

Skoda Octavia, the brand's biggest-selling car has been a family favourite due to its incredible build quality and practicality. The Octavia comes in 8 different colours, 5 trim levels, a hot vRS variant, a choice of 4 different petrol engines, and 2 different diesel engines! There really is an option for every motorist with the Octavia. The range-topping 245bhp vRS model is available for those who like some punch behind their practicality.

Skoda Superb, It sounds a bit of a cliché, but the Skoda Superb really does live up to its name. The Superb comes in 8 different colours, 9 trim levels, and a choice of 3 different petrol engines, 2 different diesel engines plus a hybrid option. The hugely practical large family car comes in both Hatchback and Estate variants. Comfortable, quiet, and pleasant driving experience, the Superb even joins Rolls Royce in being the only vehicles to offer an umbrella inside the front door! You won't have to pay Rolls Royce Prices however for this well-equipped spacious car.

Skoda Kodiaq, The full-size SUV takes the battle to the established SUV brands by offering premium levels of equipment and comfort. The option of front or four-wheel drive increases its appeal even further. Skoda also offers a pokey vRS version for drivers seeking something quicker. Its petrol engine puts out 245hp via an all-wheel-drive system and is capable of 0-62mph in around 6 seconds. The Kodiaq comes in 8 different colours, 11 trim levels, and a choice of 3 different petrol engines, and 2 different diesel engines. 

Skoda Enyaq is Skoda's first fully electric car with great usable space, robust build quality, decent levels of equipment, and good range that make it an appealing choice in the fast-growing EV market. You can also have the Enyaq in Skoda's racy vRS specification which produces 299 bhp from the electric motor. The Enyaq comes in 8 different colours, 8 trim levels, and 3 different power outputs from the electric motor. 

The Initial Rental, Contract Length, and Annual Milage can all be adjusted to ensure you are getting the very best deal for your circumstances. A vehicle Maintenance package can also be added that takes care of your servicing, vehicle repairs, tyre repair and replacement, MOT tests, and replacement parts required as a result of Fair Wear and Tear.

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