Pre-Registered Cars for Lease

Choosing to lease a pre-registered vehicle is a great way to make savings on your monthly lease costs.  View our current pre-registered lease offers below.  

Learn more about pre-registered cars:

In the UK, our registrations change twice per year.  This means you can identify when a car or van is registered based on the registration plate.  Dealers and manufacturers often have registration targets to meet, which means that vehicles are often registered in order to fulfil certain quotas.  Once a vehicle is registered the dealer will begin to incur costs - so the incentive to have the vehicle allocated to a customer grows.  This often means you can get a better rate on your lease.           

Pre-Registered Cars for Lease - Frequently asked questions.

All vehicles registered in the UK follow a number plate pattern that changes every six months, on the 1st of March and the 1st of September.  

The format is two letters, followed by two numbers and then three further letters.  The first two letters are the DVLA's memory tag and normally relate to the location of the dealer.  The following two numbers relate to the age of the vehicle, and change every six months.  The final three letters are random. 

The two numbers relate to the date of registration.  A vehicle registered after March 1st 2024 would be "24".  A vehicle registered after September 1st 2024 would be "74".  In March 2025 it will be a 25" plate and 75" plate from September 2025.  This pattern continues year on year. 

Pre-registered cars for lease are often cheaper, because the dealer, manufacturer and or lender have already began to incur costs on the vehicle, so the quicker it is allocated to a customer to better it is for them, and as such reductions can be made against the list price in order to incentivise a sale.

Yes, every car supplied by Ready2Lease that is marked as pre-registered is brand new.  

Yes - The warranty on cars begins when the car is registered, so if you are considering a pre-registered lease car, you should check you are happy with the expiry date of the warranty or select a contract that allows you to return the car before the warranty expires.

Yes - The MOT is due 3 years after the date of registration, therefore you should ensure you are happy to MOT the car during the lease, or select a lease contract that either allows you to return the vehicle before the MOT is due or includes the MOT as part of the package.

Yes - There is no impact to the cost of maintenance on a pre-registered lease car.