Polestar 2 single motor leasing


Now that Polestar has established themselves as a standalone entity in production cars, the Polestar 2 has become widely available and widely respected.  The initial models carried the smallest motor and ranges, but tweaks have come along the way and 2023 sees the release of Model year 24 (often seen as MY24) which includes the highest range and specification of Polestar 2 to date. 


The entry level for Polestar 2 Fastback lease deals is the single motor, standard range.  But don't let that put you off.  The 231 horse power, 69 KwH battery is still able to offer a range just shy of 300 miles (297 miles, to be precise) which of course is very dependent your driving style.  However its plenty of range for most users and getting around town or the countryside wont be a problem between charges.  


Not quite enough?  sticking with the Single motor, standard range is the 200KwH My24 version, with an extra 39BHP (272) and a range of 321 miles.  


Other options in the single motor include the 170KwH long range model,  boosting your range up to 342 miles.


Finally the newest version of the single motor, long range Polestar 2 Fastback takes you all the way to 394 miles, with a 220KwH motor and 82KwH battery.  

All Polestar 2 single motor electric cars have a Type 2 charging system, which is compatible with most roadside charging stations across the United Kingdom


Polestar 2 Single Motor

Polestar 2 Dual motor leasing


Moving on up the Polestar range, you have the same trim levels and specification options however motor, battery and performance change enormously.  Most may think that the purpose of the dual motor is for range, and whilst the dual motor long range vehicles still maintain a very safe and sensible 300 miles, its the performance that really gets a kick.  The Performance pack also becomes available on the Polestar 2 dual motor.  Read below to see the motor and batteries available and their estimated ranges.


300Kw 78KwH Long range Dual motor - 408BHP, 300 miles 


350Kw 78KwH Long range Dual motor - 476BHP. 303 miles

Polestar Frequently Asked Questions

The Swedish brand was first established in 1996 by a partner of Volvo cars, Flash / Polestar racing.  Volvo cars acquired the brand in 2015.  Initially it was a trim level available on Volvo V60.  Production of the vehicle now takes place in China, but the brand is still headquarted outside of Gothenburg, Sweden.  In 2020, everything around modern motoring had seen significant change with the planned elimination of the combustion engine on production cars, Polestar released a stand alone product, the Polestar 2 Fastback.  Available as front wheel drive or more expensive all wheel drive fully electric vehicle. 


The size and shape of the Polestar 2 made is instantly recognisable on the roads and it performance had heads turning from more mainstream brands in the electric car sector.  Polestar had also released a Polestar 1 EV in 2017, although production quantities were very low compared to the global market.  A final run of 25 gold painted Polestar 1 EV's signified the end of the line for Polestar's EV production debut.  Read below for more about the Polestar 2 Lease.

Deciding if leasing a Polestar 2 or Polestar 3 really comes down to the suitability and budget you have for an electric vehicle lease.  Choosing a car can be tiresome, with so many car brands and models to choose from, where do you even start?  The first thing you should consider is how long you want to keep the vehicle for.  Most lease deals have a minimum term of 24 months, right up to 60 months and the longer you have the lease the generally cheaper it becomes on a monthly basis.  For many people the need to change vehicle often is very low, with modern vehicles being able to handle much higher mileages without mechancial fault.  All new leases come with a 3 year warranty as standard which helps to alleviate the concern of your vehicle breaking down and having costly repairs. 


You should also consider how much mileage you are likely to do on a short term and a long term basis.  Polestar electric cars mostly have a range of 300 miles (depending on driving style and conditions) and as such if you regularly take round trips far in excess of this, have you got access to charging points when you arrive at your destination.  You can also view our other electric cars or check out our in stock pages for current deals or call us on 0116 403 0235 to talk to us about leasing a car.