Leasing a BMW.

Leasing a car has many benefits, but as with all types of finance you have to decide if the product is right for you.  For example one of the great things about leasing a BMW from a leasing company near you is that you have access to the latest models and corporate level discounts, that you would not get from a BMW dealership. 

Leasing has the lowest entry costs, with the option to pay just one rental in advance or the option to pay twelve rentals in advance, depending on your personal preference. 


You can also add options to your new BMW like bigger or different style alloy wheels, different colours and interior combinations as well as factory options that are desirable for you, like sun glass protection, panoramic roofs or upgraded navigation systems, safety features and much more.  The other benefit to leasing a BMW is that you don't have to worry about the depreciation of the vehicle, or selling the vehicle at the end of the contract. 


You simply return the vehicle at the end of the contract and if you want you can take a replacement of your choosing, any make or model on lease.  

How does BMW Leasing work?

Leasing a new BMW from Ready2lease is actually really very simple.  Here at Ready2Lease we do all the hard work for you, we search through out extensive network of BMW dealers and main leasing funders, we can compare all the lease prices to offer you the best value for money.  Once you have found the model of vehicle for you, selected your paint and trim choice and added any factory options we will validate your online quote with a formal written quotation.  If you are happy with the lease deal, you complete your credit application & if accepted, your order form and finance paperwork. 

We will then arrange delivery when the vehicle is ready or at a time that suits you. 


You can choose any model to lease or you can call us to find out about special offers. 


We always have BMW stock available on special.  Please call us on 0116 4030235 and speak to our leasing experts.  

Should I take a maintenance pack with my BMW lease?

Adding a maintenance pack to your BMW lease can save you a lot of extra cost and hassle in the long run. 


Services at a BM main dealer can be expensive and you can spread and reduce this cost by opting to pay a little extra per month on your lease to have everything covered.  In most cases, a maintenance pack on your BMW lease will include annual routine services, consumables required at service such as oil, filters, bulbs & major consumables such as brake pads and tyres*.  You simply book your BMW Lease into a BMW dealer near you for its service, let them know its a lease car and everything else will be done for you.  There is no need to pay anything to the dealer and the invoice will be settled behind the scenes.  


*Tyres are normally covered for wear and tear only.  Damaged tyres are not usually covered but can be added to some agreements.  Please check when ordering.

What our customers say...

Amy Fisher Amy Fisher BMW Electric Lease
5 stars

Fantastic start to finish! Nothing was too much and very friendly and helpful
My car came so quick! And ordering was so easy! Ready2lease were the cheapest by far I would 100% recommend!

Leased a BMW ix3
Terry Leon BMW Lease Offers
5 stars

Really good experience working with Geoff. Many thanks

Leased a BMW i4