Cupra Formentor Lease - Vehicle summary

With this Formentor, the story of the CUPRA brand has at last begun in earnest. It's difficult to forge your own identity when you've spent most of your time helping to define performance models from another brand, in this case SEAT. But with this car, the whole 'Iberian Alfa Romeo' thing starts to make some sort of sense. After all, the Formentor is (potentially) fast, practical, interesting to look at and, for the time being anyway, you might even think it to be a touch exotic. Whether you actually get what's been promised here - essentially a Porsche Macan, a BMW X4 or a Mercedes GLC Coupe distilled down into something more affordable - is a judgement you might actually rather enjoy making. We're not quite convinced, but we have seen enough to feel hopeful about the CUPRA brand's future. Can there really be 'Latin spirit in every one'? If the marque can deliver that, there's a place for it in the market.

Cupra Leon Lease

There's never been a CUPRA-badged Leon quite like this one. For some hot hatch customers, the idea of being able to combine storming performance with the all-electric drive capability of the e-HYBRID variant will be novel. Others will want to stick to the familiar 2.0-litre petrol turbo formula of the more conventional derivatives. It's true that most of what's on offer here can also be had in differently packaged form with either a Skoda Octavia vRS, a Golf GTI, a Golf R or an Audi S3. But the CUPRA Leon has a slightly more dynamic look and feel than any of those cars - closer to an old-school hot hatch if you like. If that kind of twist on the usual Volkswagen Group shopping rocket confection appeals, we think you'll bond quickly with this Iberian road burner.

Lease a Cupra Ateca

In theory, the CUPRA Ateca makes sense. Combine the engine, gearbox and drivetrain of an acclaimed hot hatchback (in this case the VW Golf R) with the trendy, timely and practical body style of a compact mid-sized SUV. In practice though, you wonder whether all of this has been put together in a special enough way to justify the premium prices being asked here. The Spanish brand says that there's no other marque quite like it in the current market, which is true. But there are plenty of products that are quite similar, all from much better established nameplates. For all of that though, this Iberian contender represents something a bit different in its segment and that's refreshing. CUPRA reckons there's Latin spirit in every one. And if you like the thought of that and you're willing to give something new a try, then this Ateca might well be an interesting option.

Lease a Cupra Born Electric

The decision to replace SEAT badges with CUPRA ones on this Born EV was interesting and says much about the VW Group's commitment to its sporting brand. Plus it also fits with this design's mildly dynamic vibe. Yes, in some ways it's a Volkswagen ID.3 in a track suit, but at the same time, it also offers something just a little different - and arguably more appealing. It's not as different from an ID.3 as CUPRA thinks it is; the Born's cause would have been helped in this regard if the brand has standardised the faster e-Boost motor and made that a unique selling point. But this car is more engaging to drive - and to our eyes more engaging to look at too. Do you really want to pay considerably more in this segment to get only slightly more space and fractionally more driving range? From an EV that almost certainly won't be as interesting at the wheel or look as good on your driveway? Such is the Born ultimatum. And we can understand if you found yourself tempted by it.

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Kevin Jacques Kevin Jacques Cupra Lease
5 stars

Excellent service from start to finish and an amazing car at the best price I could find.

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