Leasing a Tesla


Leasing a Tesla is the same as leasing any vehicle, you choose the model and specification you want and place your order with a leasing broker such as Ready2Lease.  Tesla do not offer their own finance, instead the finance is underwritten by a funder, or lender.  Ready2Lease work with a large Panel of lenders and funders who will underwrite Tesla lease contracts for business or personal contract hire.  Most contract are a minimum of two years and a maximum of five years.  The longer the contract the cheaper the monthly rental in most circumstances.  

If you are thinking of moving to a Tesla or you already drive one, you will probably want to consider if leasing a Tesla is better than buying a Tesla.  

Leasing a Tesla comes with benefits and downsides, as is the case with all types of vehicle acquisition.  When you lease a Tesla you will need to undergo a credit check, which leaves a footprint on your credit file.  You will need to be able to demonstrate the monthly repayments are affordable, either by verifying your income or by other financial means.  However the upside to leasing a Tesla is that you are able to get into a brand new vehicle with a much lower payment than if you were to buy a new Tesla outright.  You can choose the length of the contract and the amount of miles you need annually, to save you overpaying for miles you don't need.  When you lease a Tesla you have the peace of mind that comes with a new car, and the Tesla warranty that will be accessible to you for at least three years of your contract.  You can also choose to add on maintenance with your lease, which will cover your routine servicing, consumables and tyres. Leasing a Tesla means you have affordable monthly payments to suit your budget and requirements, no risk of fluctuating future values or the hassle of buying and selling a used car.

Buying a Tesla means you can get your hands on older models, which may be cheaper for you in the short term.  However the risk with buying a Tesla is that future values (also known as residual value) on electric cars is extremely volatile.  Recent market trends have shown electric car values have been plummeting.  The reason for this mostly is that used car buyers lack confidence in second hand electric cars, not knowing if the battery and electrics can last 8, 10 or 20 years.  Electricity prices are also at an all time high, meaning the cost saving of buying an electric car is less attractive than it had been previously.



Tesla Leasing for businesses


If you are a business registered in the UK and you are thinking about leasing a Tesla for yourself or your employees then we can help guide you through the process.  We have relationships with major funders and lenders who are intentionally geared up to provide finance for high value electric vehicles such as Tesla.  A Tesla business lease is easy with Ready2Lease.  We have access to stock available immediately from Tesla directly, in a variety of specifications and colours to suit your requirements.  Whether you know exactly what you want or you are just starting out your search for a Tesla lease, the best thing is to fill out our contact form or to call us on 0116 4030235 and talk us through what you need.  We will then be able to check availability and find the best price for you from our panel of lenders.  To be considered for a Tesla lease, most businesses in the UK will need at least two years trading history and the business account must demonstrate that the monthly rental is affordable.  Some lenders will allow a directors guarantee in the event that you don't meet all of the aforementioned criteria.  

Tesla Frequently Asked Questions

At the moment, there are two models of Tesla available to lease in the UK.  This is the Tesla Model 3 and the Tesla Model Y.

Tesla has made the decision not to bring any more Tesla Model X to the UK in a decision that has left many scratching their heads.  Tesla have now refunded all those with a deposit on the SUV electric car or offered deals instead on the Model 3 or Model Y.  There is no plan from Tesla to reintroduce the Tesla Model X to the UK market.

The most obvious competitor is the Polestar, although premium electric vehicles from Audi and BMW are very much worth considering too.

Thats really down to personal preference.  First off its important to know they are built from the same chassis, so the difference it probobly less than meets the eye.  The price difference is only around 10%, or £5,000.

If convinience is making the decision for you, thats where the Model Y stands out.  Its taller, making the cabin more spacious and airey.  The boot space is much bigger too, almost double the size in fact (854 litres vs. 425 litres.)

When it comes to range, the model 3 takes the lead.  You can expect up to 315 miles from the Long Range Model Y, or 360 miles from the Long Range Model 3.

Lastly the performance on both is still phenomininal. We are talking Ferrari speeds here in the 0-62 test.  But of the two its the Model 3 thats the quickest, with the performance model hitting that speed in a fraction of 3 seconds. 

What our customers say...

Collin Yates Collin Yates Tesla Lease
5 stars

James and the Ready2Lease team were absolutely fantastic in arranging for the lease of a Tesla Model Y for me and TCM. We had some hiccups along the way with Tesla themselves but James personally saw to it that these were all sorted including getting them to deliver the car 135 miles when they said initially I had to collect. It arrived all safe and sound today!

Great company to deal with and fully recommended for your next lease.

Leased a Tesla Model Y