Ford Lease Car Maintenance

If you have decided to lease a Ford you might also want to consider if you should should take a maintenance option with it too.  Most ford cars have service intervals that start at 10,000 miles per year or annually, whichever comes first, so you need to factor that into the whole life cost of running the vehicle.  You also need to factor in the cost of brake pads, tyres, bulbs, wipers and other vehicle consumables.  All of these things would be covered by most maintenance packs supplied with a ford lease from Ready2Lease.  



Maintenance packs on lease deals are designed to take away the uncertainty of modern motoring.  Guaranteeing you access to a service plan that covers your annual service at a local Ford dealer or network service center that is convenient.  Your brake pads and discs are covered for normal wear, and would likely need changing at around 20,000 miles (depending on driving style).  Bulbs, wipers, fluids and general consumables alongside the normal routine service.  Tyres are normally included as wear and tear only, however some deals will have the option to include accidental damage as well.  This option is often provided for driving instructors who do high mileage and undertake different driving conditions.  


Do i need to insurance my Ford lease car?

In all cases the answers to this question is Yes!  All cars registered and driven on UK roads must have valid insurance.  In the case of a Ford Lease, you must have fully comprehensive car insurance for the full duration of your agreement.


Ready2Lease cannot offer insurance advice, but in our experience we have found that most insurers will cover as lease car as if it were your own, with no extra charges or levies for having chosen to lease a car.  Please ensure you check with your provider.