Leasing a Volkswagen from Ready2Lease is easy and straightforward.  We are proud to be associated with VWFS which allows us to provide bespoke quotations for private drivers and business customers looking to take on a new VW car or van. 

How does leasing a VW work?

  • Choose the right car for you, VW have a car to suit everyone, from the super tiny VW UP right through to the caravan towing beast that is the 3.0 V6 Touareg.
  • Figure out what your usage is likely to be. Most contracts with VW cars are two, three or four years maximum.  You can decide the mileage that’s best for you in increments of 1,000 (we generally advertise in increments of 2,000 to make it manageable).  Full maintenance or service only plans are available on 99% of all offers.
  • Decide how you want to pay: The total lease cost for the duration you choose is fixed, so how much you pay upfront vs. how much you want to pay per month is at your discretion – There is no significant financial incentive to pay more or less up front and credit underwriting decisions are not influenced by this choice.


Once you’ve gotten this far, you’ll need to request a personalised quotation so that you can complete the credit application.  The credit application varies depending on whether you need a personal lease or a business lease.  Most businesses under 2 years old will need a directors guarantee to be considered.

When you have finance arranged with us a car has been selected, we can reserve your vehicle with the supplying dealer and prepare your lease paperwork – this normally consists of an electronic contract you can sign and store digitally to speed up the process.

Delivery is generally available within 14 days of completing your finance paperwork, although this can depend on seasonality and your type of lease agreement (PCH / BCH).

What service plans are available for VW lease cars?

Most, but not all VW lease agreements are underwritten by Volkswagen Financial services, often known as VWFS.  VWFS offer two main types of service plan:

  • Full maintenance plan – This would include your routine servicing and MOT (if the vehicle is 3 years+) and any related mechanical requirements or consumables, such as brake pads, oils, fluids and even tyres*. Breakdown cover is extended to cover the full duration of the lease.
  • Service only plan – This includes your annual service and or MOT if required but nothing more.


Are there any exclusions to VW service plans?

Yes, there are exclusions that may include but are not limited to:

  • Accidental or malicious damage
  • Burst or punctured tyres that cannot be repaired.
  • Water damage, or damage from natural causes.
  • Clutch damage, caused by misuse or poor driving.
  • Damage to glass, such as windscreen or panoramic roof.


What is the likelihood of being accepted for VW lease?

There is no exact formula for this, however we can give some general guidelines that may help you understand your eligibility – we would always encourage you to contact us if you have concerns.

Personal Lease requirements – Your credit file should be free from missed payments, CCJ’s, IVA’s or any sign of financial distress.  You should be able to demonstrate a consistent income, either from employment, self-employment, pensions, investments or other sources.  If you have considerable savings this can also be taken into account.

Business Lease requirements – The requirements here are quite different, especially with limited companies whereby the risk for the lender is greater, should the business face financial difficulties.  Generally speaking, you need at least two years solid trading history and a record of good financial planning, income and profitability.  However, any younger business or business that does not normally meet the required criteria may be eligible with the addition of a director’s guarantee, also known as DG, or indemnifier.  If your application does require a DG, the named director will be subject to the same personal lease criteria as above.

What our customers say...

Oliver Potts Oliver Potts VW Lease
5 stars

James was very helpful and the whole process from start to finish went very smoothly! I will 100% be using ready2lease for my next lease car and recommending them to family and friends!

Leased a Volkswagen Touareg
Adam Robinson Adam Robinson VW Lease
5 stars

Excellent customer service from James. From my first enquiry to sourcing the vehicle at a price that couldn't be matched James was great to deal with. Aftercare has also been perfect. Highly recommend.

Leased a Volkswagen Arteon
Catherine Smith Catherine Smith Electric Peugeot Lease
5 stars

This was my 1st time leasing a car. Ready2lease explained the process fully and in understandable terms and I was given examples of the different options available. The whole thing was swift and seemless and I was kept up to date with the whole journey. I would highly recommend Ready2lease to anyone looking to lease !!!!

Leased a Volkswagen Tiguan