Golf R Estate 8.5

2025 Golf R MK8.5 Preview

2025 Golf R Preview – UK Hatchback and Estate Wagon Series

The update on the VW’s hottest Golf will bring a number of internal and external updates to an already fantastic car. 

Golf R 8.5
Golf R MK 8.5


  • Volkswagen have released an official video showing off some key info about the range topping Golf R in both hatchback and estate body shapes


  • The 2025 release will be a midlife cycle, with performance, technology and tighter exterior styling expected to be present


  • Exclusive to UK and Europe, as not deemed value for money by some US critics


Prior to releasing the facelifted GTI Clubsport, the MK8.5 mid life update for the Golf R has been teased with cars expected to arrive shortly after Christmas 2024. 

Upgrading the performance seems the least likely change, with the current 4-WD (4Motion) already producing 320PS in a car that can squeeze through narrow roads in British towns and cities. 

Golf R interior Shot
The new 12.9 Inch Infotainment Screen in the Golf R 8.5

Skinned with a blue camo wrap, which does nothing to hide the shape and design of the upgrade, VW announced that production is starting soon.


  • Main changes include improved LED headlights for better visability.


  • Bumpers have been redesigned to be sleeker and sharper than the MK8 Golf R.


  • Interior tech upgrades include a new 12.9-inch infotainment screen, illuminated sliders and physical buttons on the steering wheel, which are now standard across the rest of the Golf range.
Golf R Estate 8.5
Golf R Estate Wagon

Volkswagen R is its own little sub-brand, born to satisfy the VW enthusiasts who love, drive and pay for these cars, many of them on personal lease deals from Ready2lease.  The Golf R is the only 4wd derivative available on the Golf, and this will continue to be the case in 2025. 


The curtain is being drawn on the MK8 Golf R, which was prepped for UK roads with a 320PS (316BHP) 2.0 Litre, 4-cylinder powertrain.  There were also a couple of rarely spotted special editions, including the 20 years and 333 – Both offering a little extra BHP squeezed out of the same platform.  Can the MK8.5 go one step further and finally compete with Mercedes A45 or Audi’s RS3?


  • Highly Likely to retain the 7-speed dual-clutch DSG gearbox with no manual version.


  • Golf celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2025, so expect to see some special editions released


  • More colours have been rumoured for 2025, replacing the Lapiz Blue, Deep/Grenadilla Black and Pure white exterior colours available in the MK8 Golf R.


“I liked it enormously. And you would too. I don’t care what you drive now: I can pretty much guarantee that if you took an R out for a test drive, you’d want it in your life immediately.” Jeremy Clarkson via the Sunday Times in 2015.

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It may be subjective but as far as we are concerned, the Golf R is one of the most appealing hot hatchbacks available, combining a rapid 316BHP engine with 4WD and VW reliability.