BMW iX Lease Deals

Why choose the BMW iX?


Boldly stepping into the future of mobility, the BMW iX is a statement of luxury, power, and innovative technology. As a fully electric SUV, it embodies BMW's dedication to sustainability without compromising on performance, comfort, or style, seamlessly integrating eco-consciousness with BMW's signature driving pleasure.


Visually striking, the iX is an artful blend of robust SUV proportions and futuristic design elements. The innovative, minimalist approach extends to the distinctive kidney grille, which is not for air intake but serves as an intelligent sensor panel with integrated camera technology. From its aerodynamic lines to the flush door handles and frameless windows, every detail contributes to a sleek, cohesive design language that speaks of sophistication and advanced technology.


The interior of the iX is an oasis of comfort and relaxation, designed to evoke the feeling of a "living space" on wheels. The cabin is spacious, open, and filled with high-quality materials, promoting a sense of calm and well-being. The minimalist dashboard, free-standing curved display, and panoramic sunroof add to the expansive ambience, giving passengers a sense of space and freedom.


One of the standout features of the iX is its advanced technology. With the latest version of BMW's iDrive, the iX offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface that integrates seamlessly with your digital life. The system includes a natural voice-recognising Personal Assistant, 5G capability for swift data transfer, and an extensive range of connectivity features.


Driving the iX is a unique experience. It pairs the silence and smoothness of an electric powertrain with the dynamic handling and performance BMWs are renowned for. Acceleration is instant and powerful, the steering is precise, and despite its size, the iX handles with the agility of a much smaller vehicle.


On the sustainability front, the iX goes beyond zero local emissions. It's built with a high proportion of recycled materials and renewable resources, and BMW aims to uphold the highest standards of sustainability and resource efficiency in the production process.


Ultimately, the BMW iX is more than just a car; it's a forward-thinking vision of what the future of mobility can look like - sustainable, luxurious, and electrifyingly exciting to drive.


Why Lease a BMW iX from Ready2Lease?


Leasing a BMW iX  is a great way to get behind the wheel of a new car without having to commit to the expensive cost of buying. With low monthly payments throughout the length of the lease term, leasing is a flexible solution that can help to make motoring more affordable. You can also take advantage of low initial deposits that can help to spread the cost of the lease even further. With regular upgrades available at the end of the lease term, it’s easy to upgrade to a newer and better model when the time comes.


Ready2Lease is committed to providing industry-leading personal leasing deals and exceptional customer service. With their expertise in the leasing industry, they ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience. Ready2Lease's tailored BMW iX personal leasing deals offer flexibility, competitive rates, and personalized assistance throughout the leasing process. Our dedicated team is ready to guide you, helping you find the best personal leasing arrangement that aligns with your budget and driving preferences. 


What are the differences between leasing and buying a car? 


The difference between buying a car and leasing one is similar to the difference between buying a house and renting one. As with houses, you can use finance packages to help you fund a car – although while with a mortgage you will be classed as a homeowner, the vast majority of car finance packages – including PCP and HP – see the finance company own the vehicle throughout the deal – although with these you will potentially own the car once the contract is up.


Leasing differs, in that the car is simply rented over a fixed period and with certain terms such as the amount of mileage you can cover over a year.


Leasing Benefits:


● Lower Monthly Payments: Because you're only financing the deprecation of the car instead of the entire purchase price, leasing often comes with lower monthly payments. 

● Lower Upfront Costs: With a lease, you generally don't have to put as much money down as you do when purchasing a car. 

● Get a Newer Car More Often: Leasing a car contracts typically run for two to four years, meaning that you can upgrade to the latest models more frequently than if you were to purchase a car outright. 

● Lower Maintenance Costs: As the car is under warranty for much of the time that you're leasing it, you don't have to be concerned about paying for any major repairs. 

● Flexibility: When you finish your leasing contract, you can simply return the car and walk away. This gives you the flexibility to easily switch to a different vehicle when you're ready.

BMW iX Deals


The BMW iX lineup offers various compelling choices that cater to different driving styles and performance needs. Each variant is designed to deliver a unique, superior, and efficient driving experience, encapsulating the BMW brand's promise of delivering sheer driving pleasure.


Starting with the 240kW xDrive40 Sport 70kWh 5dr Auto, this engine option is the perfect introduction to BMW's all-electric SUV. It boasts impressive power and an excellent range, allowing you to go further between charges. The twin electric motor setup provides swift acceleration, while maintaining an excellent balance of performance and efficiency. This model embodies the everyday practicality that many drivers need.


The next level up, the 240kW xDrive40 Sport 70kWh 5dr Auto Tech+Sky, offers the same exciting drive, but with an added level of luxury and technology. The Tech+ pack offers a host of cutting-edge tech features that provide enhanced connectivity, safety, and comfort. The Sky package, on the other hand, adds an expansive panoramic glass roof that floods the interior with natural light, enhancing the feeling of space and openness inside the cabin. It's a driving experience that caters to the senses and the intellect.


At the top of the range is the 385kW xDr50 M Sport 111.5kWh 5dr At Tech+/Sky/22kW. This powerhouse is the epitome of performance and luxury in the BMW iX range. The impressive 385kW engine provides a level of acceleration that is truly thrilling, making this electric SUV feel as sporty as it is luxurious. With a massive 111.5kWh battery, range anxiety becomes a thing of the past. In addition to the Tech+ and Sky packages, it also includes a 22kW onboard charger, significantly reducing charging times and ensuring that your iX is always ready to go when you are.


No matter which BMW iX model you choose, you'll be treated to an exceptional driving experience, remarkable range, and an impressive suite of features that set the iX apart as a leader in the electric SUV market. The versatility of the BMW iX range allows you to choose a model that suits your driving needs and lifestyle perfectly.



The Initial Rental, Contract Length and Annual Milage can all be adjusted to ensure you are getting the very best deal for your circumstances. A vehicle Maintenance package can also be added that takes care of your servicing, vehicle repairs, tyre repair and replacement, MOT tests and replacement parts required as a result of Fair Wear and Tear.