Nissan Qashqai e power lease

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Nissan Qashqai e power lease

If you have decided you want a Nissan Qashqai e power lease then you may wish to know more about the trim level, safety features and technical info. Here we are going to go into some more detail about the 2024 E-Power and what has made the Qashqai the first and most popular UK crossover family car.  


Nissan Qashqai e power lease drivetrain:  No need to plug in to keep moving, the E-power is quiet and powerful, recharged internally by a 1.5 petrol engine that is super efficient and reliable.  

Nissan Qashqai e power output:  The 1.5 e-power is able to generate 190ps (approx. 190bhp) from the all electric motor driving the wheels.  It also boats up to 20% better fuel consumption that the 158ps Mild Hybrid (Based on WLTP, real life results may vary depending on driving style and situation)

Nissan Qashqai e power dimensions: Overall Length 4.425M. Wheelbase 2,665M. Overall Width 1.835M.  Overall Height 1.625M.

Nissan Qashqai e power Weights: Gross Vehicle weight 2180KG. Max Trailer weight 750kg (braked or unbraked) 

Nissan Qashqai e power performance: Max Speed 105mph.  Acceleration 7.9 seconds (0-62mph)

Is the Nissan Qashqai e power a hybrid?

Yes, the Nissan Qashqai e-Power is a petrol vehicle with a hybrid powertrain. It is equipped with an electric motor and a petrol engine that works together to power the car. The e-Power technology is different from traditional hybrids in that the petrol engine does not directly drive the wheels, but instead, serves as a generator to charge the battery, which in turn powers the electric motor. This setup offers improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions compared to traditional petrol-powered cars.

What kind of battery technology is used in hybrid cars?

Hybrid cars typically use a type of battery called a nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery, or more recently, a lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery. These battery technologies are used to power the electric motor in the hybrid drivetrain and provide additional power to the petrol engine when needed.

NiMH batteries are an older technology that have been used in hybrid cars since their inception. They are known for being reliable and durable, with a long lifespan and the ability to handle high currents. However, they are also relatively heavy and have lower energy density compared to newer battery technologies.

More recently, many hybrid cars have started to use Li-ion batteries, which are lighter and have higher energy density compared to NiMH batteries. Li-ion batteries are also more efficient and can provide more power, making them a popular choice for hybrid cars. However, they can be more expensive and may have a shorter lifespan compared to NiMH batteries.

Overall, the type of battery technology used in a hybrid car can depend on the specific make and model of the car, as well as the age of the car. It's worth noting that newer hybrid cars are more likely to use Li-ion batteries, while older models may still use NiMH batteries.

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