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How can I contact Nissan regarding my lease car?

You need to ensure you are contacting the right lender first of all.  Many Nissan leases are underwritten and owned by RCI, also known as Mobilize or Renault Credit International. 

RCI Financial Services Support Line: 0333 009 0231 or

If your lease car is from another funder then you should contact the company on your paperwork or bank statement.  If you are having trouble, please feel free to phone us and we will help you with the relevant contact details.


What Nissan Models are available to Lease in the UK?

In order of popularity, the models available to lease at the moment are the QashqaiJukeX-TrailLeaf, Micra and Ariya.

Can I claim back the VAT on a Nissan Business lease?

If you lease the car as a business, you can reclaim 50% of the finance element of the lease and 100% of the maintenance element of the lease.  If the vehicle is used 100% for business purposes, you can reclaim 100% of the finance element, although you will need to prove that the vehicle is not for private usage, such as a pool car.

How Much VAT is charged on a lease car?

Lease cars are subject to 20% VAT the same as most products in the UK.  There are no exceptions to this rule, including Electric cars.

What does the term Spread Rental mean on a lease car?

The term spread rental means the total cost of the lease is spread over the number of payments you choose, with no payment breaks. For example a two years contract with 6 rentals in advance would be spreading your whole cost over 29 rentals, which is 6 in advance, followed by 23 monthly payments.

What does the term Terminal Pause mean on a lease car?

A terminal pause is the opposite to spread rental, whereby the number of initial payments in advance is also the number of payment free months, for example 6 rentals in advance would give you a 6 month break in your contract before you pay another rental, but then the remaining months would be much higher to compensate.  It is very unusual for private individuals or businesses to take a lease using terminal pause terms, however they do work for certain businesses with larger fleets or complex requirements.

Where can my Nissan lease car be serviced?

If you did NOT opt for maintenance with my lease - You can take your vehicle to any VAT registered garage for service or repairs, but you must ensure they use genuine Nissan parts to keep in with the service schedule and manufacturers recommendations.

If you DID opt for maintenance with my lease - You should take your vehicle to a Nissan main dealer to have the work carried out.  Most costs should be covered under your existing agreement, but please check if you are unsure.  The lease company will then arrange payment for the work you had carried out.

What if i missed a service on my Nissan Lease?

The chances are if you have missed a service, you may be charged for it.  Our advice would be to get the service done as soon as you possibly can and avoid missing future services.