Lease Car Maintenance

Leasing a car comes with some responsibility, as the asset you are using belongs to the finance provider, and their expectation is that it comes back under a certain standard - one of the main points is the maintenance schedule.

What maintenance is required when leasing a car?


Whenever you lease a car or van, that vehicle is going to be subject to its normal service schedule as recommended by the manufacturer, and found in your handbook or in some cases, the vehicles digital display.  Broadly speaking your vehicle will need to be serviced at least once per year or on a set mileage, which is generally 10 or 12 thousand miles.  Whichever of the two events come first.


In the subsequent years you will need to consider replacement of routine consumables such as: 

  1. Brake Pads
  2. Brake Discs
  3. Wipers & Bulbs
  4. Tyres
  5. Fluids and oils including AdBlue
  6. MOT from on the 3rd birthday.


Most manufacturers will recommend that the work is carried out at one of their main dealerships.  You may also feel the same way, or you can opt to have the work done at independent garages - Which most lenders will allow (Check your contract) so long as they are VAT registered businesses and use genuine manufacturer parts.


What does maintenance include on a lease car?

The maintenance plan available can vary depending on the lender but the general topics for coverage are:

  1. Service only plan
  2. Service, maintenance and tyres
  3. Service and maintenance without tyres


The Service only plan is an exclusive service we are able to offer for Nissan leasing maintenance.  

All of these plans will include the MOT and breakdown cover for your vehicle for the full duration of the lease.










leasing maintenance FAQ
Some vehicles store the service history using the onboard computer.

When you take your vehicle for a service, MOT, or any repair or replacement, ensure the dealer carrying out the work has either stamped your service book, added the service to the onboard computer or provided a receipt if the work is not part of the normal schedule (such as replacing a tyre).



What does a lease maintenance contract not include?

Whilst not exclusive, a maintenance or service agreement as part of your lease contract will generally exclude the following items:

  1. Tyres damaged through negligence, accident or criminal damage
  2. Windscreen damage or replacement
  3. Misfuelling
  4. Oils and fluids outside of the service schedule.
  5. Clutch replacement on manual cars


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More FAQ's about Car Leasing Maintenance

It depends what level of cover you opt for, but on the assumption you take full cover you would expect a cost of around:

  1. 5-8k per annum = around 8% of the finance lease cost
  2. 10-15k per annum = around 12% of the finance lease cost
  3. 20k+ = at least 15%

These figures are purely based on experience.  Your service costs will vary based on asset value, fuel type and contract length.

To answer this you need to compare the costs of the service plan available, against the likely costs faced to arrange your own maintenance.  Remember to account for

  1. Routine Servicing
  2. Tyres
  3. Breakdown Cover
  4. Consumables, such as brake pads and discs.
  5. Miscellaneous expenses 

No, the maintenance must be taken at the point the contracts with the lender are signed.

No.  You will always need to arrange your own full comprehensive insurance for a leased car or van.