Business Contract Hire

Leasing a car or commercial vehicle through your business can be an efficient way to fulfil your motoring needs.  Whether its a car for the director, a pool car, courtesy car or fleet of vans for your drivers, we can offer a vehicle to suit all of your requirements.  Our Business Contract Hire info below can help you overcome any questions you might have

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Frequently Asked Questions about Business Contract Hire

Similar to personal contact hire, business leasing gives companies the accessibility to great deals on all manor of vehicles, including company cars, company vans and even specialist commercial vehicles. 

We can provide for all business, be it one vehicle or ten, Ready2lease have the knowledge and experience to get the right deal for you.


Instead of buying outright, businesses can choose to protect their cashflow by choosing to lease a vehicle instead.  Opting to lease instead of buying ensures that you can effectively budget your outgoings every month, without having to pay large deposits or spend large amounts of capital that could be better invested elsewhere.

By choosing to lease your business vehicles from Ready2lease, we give you the extra value of an account manager to keep track of your fleet, supporting you with ordering, renewals and understanding the changes in supply, as well as finding the best deals available without you having to search.

Rates are subject to VAT, but VAT registered businesses in some circumstances can reclaim some or all of that cost.  In some cases, VAT registered companies can reclaim 100% of the VAT on commercial vehicles such as vans and pickups.  On cars, 50% of the VAT can be reclaimed.  100% of the maintenance element on vans and cars can be reclaimed.

To be accepted for a business lease, your company must demonstrate that the lease is affordable and the business has stability.  Most contracts require a business to have at least two years trading history, with the exception of a directors guarantee.

Some funders, normally dealer funding will allow businesses to lease a car that may otherwise not be eligible with the backing of a directors guarentee.  This means that should the business close or default on a payment, the director will become personally liable for the monthly lease cost.  This option can help younger businesses get access to vehicle funding whilst still putting it through the business as a running expense. 

If your fleet of cars exceeds 5 and they are all with the same lender, then there is the option to pool the mileage of your fleet, subject to the lenders terms and conditions.

Yes you can put stickers, graphics, vinyl and wraps on all leased vans and cars - but you must ensure they are removed before return and without and damage.  Failing to do so will almost certainly result in end of contract charges from the lender.

Maintaining a vehicle on business contract hire

When you lease a new car, van or any kind of commercial vehicle you have a range of features included as standard, however all vehicles will require at least one routine service per year and sometimes more if the mileage is high. With Ready2lease you can choose to add a maintenance pack to your contract, for a fixed monthly cost you can add many more features that will take away the ad hoc costs of running a car and allow your drivers and business to focus on what you do best.
The cost varies depending on the length of contract, the mileage requirement and the make/model of the vehicle. In addition to what is included as standard, maintenance packages will add:

• Extended breakdown cover where required
• Consumable items such as brake pads & discs, fluids and oil.
• Replacement of tyres for general wear 
• The cost of routine service and or MOT

At Ready2lease, we take your car or van as seriously as if it were our own. We don't claim to be the biggest but we care about every customer we work with. We have time to work with every customer we speak to and with that we pride ourselves on our service level and customer interactions. Many of our customers are born out of referrals from other businesses and that means more to us that anything.

We collate the best deals available from dealers, manufacturers and funders to ensure rates are best in market, giving you the choice with only one company to work with.

We have dedicated professionals with years of leasing experience, a super friendly and organised admin team as well as relationships with third party suppliers for motoring extra’s such as insurance and charging points.

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