Special offer
MPG 45
0-62 MPH 26g/km
0-62 MPH 7.6s
BLP £29,642
Per Month £325

Audi A3 Lease

Audi is a well-known luxury car brand that offers a range of sophisticated and stylish vehicles. One such vehicle is the Audi A3. As stunning as the Audi A3 is, it can be considered quite expensive. This is where Audi A3 lease comes in. With an Audi A3 lease, customers can enjoy driving their dream car without enduring a large upfront payment.

Benefits of an Audi A3 Lease

One of the significant advantages of an Audi A3 lease is that it is much more affordable than buying a brand new car. With an Audi A3 lease, customers only pay for the depreciation of the car during the lease period, making it a more feasible option for those who wish to drive a luxury vehicle without breaking the bank.

During the lease period, the maintenance of the car can also taken care of by the dealership. This means that customers do not have to worry about the costs of repairs or regular maintenance. All of these expenses are usually optional in the monthly lease payment.

Another benefit of an Audi A3 lease is the flexibility it provides. With the lease option, customers can change their cars frequently, giving them the opportunity to try out different models and stay updated with new features and technology. Additionally, at the end of the lease term, your Audi A3 lease will be collected free of charge from your home or work address.

Tips for an Audi A3 Lease

Before signing a lease agreement for an Audi A3 lease, there are several things to keep in mind. Firstly, it is crucial to understand the terms and conditions of the lease agreement. This will ensure you know exactly what you have to pay and when, and any other costs that you may not have considered such as excess mileage.

It is also essential to ensure that the lease payment is within your budget. Customers should calculate their monthly expenses and ensure that the Audi A3 lease payment fits within their financial plan.

Lastly, If you see a good deal then always check the broker you are speaking to are genuine and have membership with the BVRLA - You can check the BVRLA website for the company you are speaking to to authenticate their credentials.




An Audi A3 lease can provide customers with an affordable way to drive a luxury vehicle. With its flexible terms and low upfront costs, an Audi A3 lease is an excellent option for those who wish to drive a high-end car without the commitment of owning one. By researching the best dealership, understanding the lease agreement's terms, and negotiating the lease payment, customers can enjoy the benefits of driving an Audi A3, minus the heavy expenses.