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Kia cars in the UK are esteemed for their reliability, practicality, and impressive warranty coverage, appealing to British motorists with their affordable yet feature-packed offerings. From the sleek Picanto city car to the spacious Sportage SUV, Kia's diverse line-up caters to various needs and preferences, earning a strong reputation for value and quality among drivers across the United Kingdom. With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Kia continues to make strides in the UK automotive market, providing dependable transportation solutions that meet the demands of modern drivers.

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Kia Stonic

Supposedly name after a mash up of the words speedy and tonic, which makes sense, to some degree.  The Stonic SUV is a classic crossover, pinching elements from both traditional SUVs and hatchbacks.  It uses the same engine and platform as the Rio supermini.  Speaking of the engine the only choice is a 1.0 3cylinder engine with 99BHP or 118BHP, with the more powerful 118 adding a 48v mild hybrid boost under the bonnet.  There is both a six-speed manual and seven-speed dual-clutch automatic.

kia Stonic

Kia Sportage

Sportage Starting from just £20,000 the Sportage is well priced at the entry level and in line with its main rival the Qashqai, Tiguan and to some degree Ford Kuga.  We are now onto the fifth generation of Sportage and having reported the best sales figures in the country back in January 2022, popularity clearly has not waned for the South Korean flagship model.  One thing that really gets us about the Sportage is the bewildering volume of options available to order, in terms of both engine and specification.  Diesel, petrol, manual, auto, DCT and in pretty much every permutation.

Kia Sportage

Kia Sorento 

Sorento The fourth generation Sorento arrives in the UK, with its functional features such as seven-seats, all-wheel drive and a range of engines include a single diesel, a hybrid petrol or a plug in hybrid petrol, in that price order too.  This is a proper seven-seater too, with space for plenty of people and stuff, or both.  The boot is vast and configures usefully when operating as a five-seat layout.  Even right back in the third row there is conveniences such as USB ports, air conditioning and cup holders.

Kia Sorento

Kia EV9 

EV9 Proper SUV. This is Kia’s proper sports utility vehicle…and show it should be for seventy-five thousand pounds.  Fear not though, as summer 2024 will see the release of a slightly more affordable entry-level model at around £65,000.  Despite that title and whopping price tag, off roading is not really for the EV9 is designed for.  An all-electric drivetrain with all wheel drive technology is more suited to being a seven-seat minivan, at over 5 metres long it perfect for transporting lengths of building material, should that be your thing at the weekend.

kia EV9

Kia Soul 

Soul Now fully electric in the UK (but also with ICE in other parts of the world) The Kia Soul is not even really an SUV, nor a hatchback, but it is a funny shape and that’s for sure.  Under the bonnet is where the real magic happens though, in the shape of either a 39kWh model costing around £32,000 or a 63kWh car costing nearer to £39,000.  Ranges according to Kia are 171 or 280 respectively.  These figures are strong and the 280-mile range really gives a lot of time between driving when keeping around town, the only downside is the charging speed is capped at 77kW, meaning its close to an hour to charge about 75% via fast charge.

kia Soul

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