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Jeep vehicles in the UK embody rugged capability, off-road prowess, and iconic design, captivating adventure enthusiasts with their legendary heritage and go-anywhere attitude. From the iconic Wrangler to the versatile Renegade, Jeep's line-up offers a distinctive blend of style and performance that resonates strongly with British drivers, maintaining a devoted following and commanding presence both on and off the road in the United Kingdom.

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Jeep Renegade Available as an Upland, Limited or top spec Trailhawk.  The Renegade offers a 4xe Hybrid engines which gives around 26 miles of pure electric drive.  The six speed automatic transmission allows for rapid acceleration in a considerably sized SUV and 3 unique driving modes allow you to change the engine behaviour to suit what you need.  Four wheel drive capability is available on demand and the Renegade can be plugged into a simple 3-pin plug socket for charging. 
Jeep Renegade SUV Personal Contract hire UK

Jeep Compass Starting at quite a hearty £41,455 the Jeep Compass has a lot to live up to as a smaller brand, but the fame of the brand over the years ensures there is a still a following the marque Compass SUV.  The entry level spec is the Compass Limited, which includes a 10 inch information screen and a new and Compass SUV specific Uconnect intelligent dashboard.  18" alloys and tinted windows give a premium look even on the "basic" trim.  Upgrading to the TrailHawk Compass SUV has all that and more, including a 5 drive mode SELEC-TERRAIN off road control system (not exactly essential for most UK roads).

jeep compass contract hire uk

Jeep Wrangler  Seriously BIG SUV for seriously big big budgets.  Starting from about £61,000 the Wrangler is a "sports utility vehicle" (SUV) in the truest sense.  Hollywood fame makes the Wrangler recognisable and now available for contract hire in the UK as a Sahara or Rubicon trim level.  Expect 18" alloys as standard, a massive 12.3 inch touchscreen and a host of additional safety features such as lane departure warning and drowsy driver protection.

jeep wrangler contract hire uk

Jeep Grand Cherokee Only available as a Summit Reserve, the Grand Cherokee SUV has 21" alloy wheels as standard, stunning Palermo Leather interior, 16-Way adjustable seats and 19 McIntosh speakers for ultimate luxury and performance.  

Jeep Avenger The 2023 car of the year, a full electric Jeep from just £35,000.  The Summit is the top spec delivering up to 248 miles of pure electric.  Charging to 80% with rapid charge can take as little as 24 minutes with 100kw charging capability.  

jeep avenger contract hire uk

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