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Honda cars in the UK are esteemed for their reliability, fuel efficiency, and practicality, appealing to a broad spectrum of British motorists with their solid build quality and low ownership costs. From the popular Civic hatchback to the versatile CR-V SUV, Honda's diverse line-up caters to various lifestyles, maintaining a strong presence and loyal following across the United Kingdom with their reputation for longevity and innovation.


HR-V Starting at just £27,000 - Is the HR-V one of the best value premium SUVs available today?  The third generation of the HR-V is now with us, having started out back in 1998 as a trendy 3-door soft roader.  Some call this a crossover or a small SUV, but the straight lines and striking looks now back from a seven year abscence takes away that assumption.  Available only as a petrol hybrid, a 1.5 that runs on the Atkinson Cycle (not the diet) which puts out a little less power in exchange for efficiency.  If you happen to be in China there is a full electric version available, but not in the UK, or at least not yet.  The automatic tailgate is a nice feature and the boot is as big as its looks from the outside.  

honda suv leasing uk

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