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Genesis cars in the UK embody a fusion of sophisticated design, advanced technology, and refined performance, captivating discerning drivers with their luxurious offerings. From the elegant G70 sedan to the commanding GV80 SUV, Genesis delivers a premium driving experience that resonates with those seeking exclusivity and innovation on the roads of the United Kingdom.  Genesis is a brand owned and managed by Hyundai in the UK.


GV70 This is one seriously luxurious electric SUV.  Genesis is the posh offspring of Hyundai, and it shows.  Despite recent UK news that Genesis will cease as a standalone brand in the UK, the models will still be available and supported through the Hyundai network.  Designed to compete with the ultra successful Audi Q5, the V in GV70 stands for versatility.  A fully electric SUV with nearly 500 horsepower and a stunning leather diamond interior.  It supports ultra fast charging and can hit 62mph in just over 4 seconds using the cars boost mode.  The full electric is only available as a sport model and start at just under £65,000.  It also comes with five years of service and warranty, which is sure to settle any nerves about reliability or maintenance costs.  Independent reviews are generally decent, with Auto Express scoring it 4 stars out of 5.

gv70 electric lease uk

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