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Audi cars in the UK epitomize German engineering excellence, offering a perfect balance of luxury, technology, and performance that resonates strongly with British motorists. From the modest Q2 to the practical Q7 (which boasts space for 3 children car seats) Audi's diverse line-up consistently delivers premium quality and driving satisfaction, making it a popular choice among discerning drivers across the United Kingdom.


AUDI Q2 Audi's Smallest but also best selling SUV.  The Q2 is designed to make the most of the space afforded to it by offering a generous boot space and high driving position.  Available in a full range of trims and transmissions the Q2 attempts to tick as many boxes as possible. 

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AUDI Q3 The Q3 is into its second generation now and a significant change is the increase in size.  Its only 10cm bigger, but is much roomier than its predecessor.  The growth makes sense, as it helps differentiate it from the Q2.  Most engines are petrol, but there is still one 2.0 TDI available with two horsepower options.  Top Gear called the car a posh crossover.

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AUDI Q4 Now known as the Q4 E-tron, you can expect to see high quality trim levels, excellent electric generation from braking and fast charging.  A 10 inch screen awaits you internally along with 520 litres of boot space and a very modern looking digital instrument panel.

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AUDI Q5 First released in 2008 the Q5 has always met its targets for Audi and soared into mainstream popularity.  Audi claim the wide availability has made it the Worlds best selling premium mid-size SUV.  The last facelift came in 2020 and a new model is expected at some point in 2024.

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AUDI Q6 Due for release early in 2024, we don't know a huge amount about it yet but we do know it will be fully electric, will have some snazzy customizable rear lights for increased road safety and that it will be available as a sportback and an estate. 

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AUDI Q7  Starting at £55,000 and reaching nearly £100,000 for the top spec, the Q7 is in a class of its own.  Well known for having enough space for three cars seats in the back (big families rejoice!).  A seven seat monster with incredible spec options and engines. 

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AUDI Q8  The Q8 truly is the Audi Range topper.  Its out there competing with the likes of the BMW X6 and Mercedes GLE in the premium SUV sphere.  First launched in 2018 and taking some inspiration from the A8. It certainly looks the part with big wheel arches and unique sloping back windows.  Virtual Cockpit is a standard feature on the Q8 and the interior feels ultra high end, as you would expect.

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