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Ford Ecosport The Ford range of SUVs is currently in limbo. Since the Edge was discontiuned, the Puma isnt even really a crossover. There isnt much left to choose from and the Ecosport didnt have a great reputation in the early days due to the mystery surrounding Ford's Ecoboost engines that repeatedly failed or caused drivers issues.  Most of those issues have been ironed out in more recent production cars, but the fear still lives on with some.  It is loosely based on the late Ford Fiesta, which gives it some credit for sure.  Originally designed for the South American market, where price and ride height are number one factors.  Once production hit full swing, it made sense to bring it over to the UK, which they did by adding some more attractive trim options and improving the range of engines available.  Production now takes place in Romania, the useless and somewhat ugly spare wheel glued to the rear has been removed and sales have been increasing exponentially.  

Ford Kuga We are now into the third generation of Ford Kuga, which must mean they've done ok to date.  The best thing going for it is the vast array of engines available, including full and mild hybrids that are certain to attract some company car drivers who are not quite set up for full electric.  Self parking for parallel and end space parking is useful, as this car feel bigger than its competitor the Qashqai or the Kia sportage.

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