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All inclusive leasing

Add maintenance to your lease for absolute peace of mind;
No matter which vehicle you choose, you will need an annual service and an MOT if you keep the vehicle for four years or longer.
Ready2Lease can offer you an all inclusive* package to cover these additional costs.

Adding maintenance enables you to keep your motoring costs to a minimum and not have to budget inevitable running costs. Not only does the package increase
your breakdown cover to the full duration of the lease, it also pays for replacement tyres when they are worn, new brake pads and discs when required and the top up
of liquids and oils during the routine service.

*Excludes damage or negligence. cover varies by provider.

How does it work?

When you choose to included a maintenance pack with your lease, your finance provider will add the cost to the monthly bill and the details will be included in your delivery pack. Then when you need a service or anything else included, you can simply take your vehicle to the relevant dealer (BMW to a BMW dealer, for example) and they will carry out the work. Be sure to let them know beforehand the vehicle is on lease and the dealer will authorise the cost with the franchise provider before the work is carried out.

Most finance providers also allow the use of national repair groups and tyre companies such as Halfords and ATS Euromaster.

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