Salary Sacrifice Employer Benefits


Salary Sacrifice presents an amazing oppurtunity for UK businesses to enable their employees to move into an electric or hybrid vehicle, with a huge discount compared to a personal lease.  The scheme presented by Ready2Lease is cost neutral for employers, which further enhances the product and allows easy implementation without seeking additional budget. 

Attracting and retaining staff is a hot topic across the UK workplace with many employers jostling for position in trying to keep salaries and benefits at their maximum, salary sacrifice allows you to do that whilst adding many other benefits such as improving your carbon footprint and improving employee safety when on the road.

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Salary Sacrifice Employer Benefits

ü Fully Comprehensive package: Easy to implement and all contact is between Ready2Lease and the employee
ü Salary deduction calculations are provided by Ready2Lease for easy Payroll adjustments & P11d reporting
ü Cost Neutral Fixed Fee service: No Setup fee and no hidden costs. Ready2Lease only charge the employer the NI and VAT savings your business attracts when offering a salary
       sacrifice.  Our fee is fixed, so changes to government legislation or employee salary have no impact.
ü Fully comprehensive insurance option offers further opportunities for cost savings to both employee and employer
ü Built-in early termination protection safeguards the employer in most scenarios should the employee leave the business
ü Maintenance included: Peace of mind knowing your vehicle’s maintenance costs are included and employees are driving safe, modern vehicles.
ü Road to Net Zero:  Employees moving to electric cars support your green credentials and carbon footprint
ü A huge benefit when looking to attract and retain employees in a challenging time

Salary Sacrifice - Helping you help your employees


We understand that employees may want to learn more about the scheme and how best it can work for them.  Salary sacrifice is a fantastic perk that enables employees to drive new electric cars, and for many people they want to understand the hows and the why's, to see for themselves that the saving are not too good to be true. 


That's why we conduct tailor made and detailed webinars to support with questions about salary sacrifice and we are more than happy to support with internal literature to promote the benefits.


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