Salary Sacrifice Employee Benefits


Salary Sacrifice is a fantastic product available to employees in the UK whose employer have chosen to sign up for the scheme through Ready2Lease.  The scheme allows you to order a brand new vehicle for your own personal use, and pay for it through your salary before any National Insurance of Income tax is deducted.  This means you can save as much as 50% on the lease cost.  

In addition to the car itself, the scheme through your employer allows you to order and pay for an electric charging point, which you will own once the payments have been completed.  

Furthermore, you can add fully comprehensive car insurance to your vehicle which cover up to three people, with no extra cost for adding them on.  the policy cost is based on the youngest driver and does not take into account and convictions or claims.

If as an employee you think your employer would benefit from introducing the scheme, please share these details with them and ask them to get in touch

What else is great about salary sacrifice for employees?


  • Employee engagement and free webinars: Salary sacrifice is an incredible perk that enables employees to drive a brand-new electric car at a considerably reduced cost.  Our webinars provide explanations and insight to give employees answers and understanding
  • Save thousands in motoring costs and gain access to brand-new electric vehicles
  • No credit check for the employee and no credit impact on the individual
  • Optional fully comprehensive insurance available, with the ability to add up to three drivers at no additional cost, including spouses and children.
  • Helps with budgeting and financial planning – no unforeseen costs or lumpy repair bills.
  • No big deposit required from anyone – Rentals are collected once per month for the duration
  • No Road tax and low BIK.  BIK rates on electric cars are 2% until 2025 and will only increase by 1% per year until 2028.
  • Roadside breakdown cover included for the duration, gives you peace of mind on those long trips to the coast

How do I get my hands on an electric car through salary sacrifice?


Here at Ready2Lease, we are working our socks off to tell employers about the benefits of Salary sacrifice.  However it may well be that your employer has yet to sign up, or they might not even know about it!  You can go ahead and help them help you by sharing this article and by steering them toward our article for employers.  Benefits of salary sacrifice for employers.

Choosing to have your new electric car through salary sacrifice has many benefits, including reducing your motoring costs, your fuels costs and giving you peace of mind with 24 hour roadside assistance for those long trips to the British coast. 

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