Salary Sacrifice – Electric & Hybrid vehicles


Ready2Lease are proud to offer electric lease cars and hybrid lease cars through our bespoke salary sacrifice scheme.  Here you can learn more about how it works, employer benefits of salary sacrifice, employee benefits of salary sacrifice, some current cost examples and frequently asked questions about salary sacrifice. More Salary Sacrifice FAQ's


Salary Sacrifice - Benefits for employers

Salary Sacrifice - Benefits for employees

Salary Sacrifice - How does it work?

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Salary Sacrifice - What is it?


  • Salary sacrifice is a cost-neutral employee perk that can be offered to employees through a solution that is managed and organized by Ready2Lease. 



  • Employee cars are arranged through Ready2Lease and are underwritten by our panel of prime lenders.



  • Employers continue to pay the employee their normal salary, minus the cost of the lease



  • Employees receive their normal pay minus the cost of the lease, and by making a saving on their National insurance and income tax contributions, are able to get a better deal on their motoring needs




  • Employers can advertise the service as an employee perk, which can help with attracting new employees and reducing attrition.

Salary Sacrifice electric lease cars 


Salary sacrifice electric lease cars are a type of employee benefit scheme that allows employees to lease an electric car through their employer, with the cost of the lease payments deducted from their pre-tax salary. This means that employees can save money on income tax and national insurance contributions, while also benefiting from lower running costs and reduced emissions associated with driving an electric vehicle. The scheme is becoming increasingly popular as more employers look for ways to offer attractive incentives to their staff while also reducing their carbon footprint.

More about leasing an electric car

Electric lease cars are vehicles that are leased rather than purchased, and run solely on electricity. Instead of buying or financing the car, the driver enters into a lease agreement with the dealership or leasing company for a set period of time (usually 2-4 years). During that time, the driver pays a monthly fee to use the car and is responsible for maintenance and insurance. Electric lease cars have become increasingly popular in recent years as electric vehicles have become more affordable and the benefits of driving electric (lower emissions, lower fuel costs) have become more widely known. Leasing an electric car can also be a good way for drivers to try out the technology and see if it's right for them before committing to a long-term purchase.

Want to learn more about Salary Sacrifice schemes?


Interested in a salary sacrifice scheme or electric vehicle?  Please contact us on 0116 403 0235 to arrange a demonstration of the product and how it will work for your business.  Salary Sacrifice is a cost neutral service for employers, with the monthly cost being offset by saving in national insurance contributions.  Please contact us for full info.  You can also email us on to request a demonstration.

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