Courtesy cars for body shops and car dealers

Choose Ready2lease to help you find a lease vehicle for your bodyshop, car dealership or vehicle maintenance business.  We have a specialist relationship with an elite funder who offer specific lease contracts that are suitable for car dealers, bodyshops and even Chauffer businesses

The stock changes quickly and we have multi-vehicle deals available, often with quick delivery for small / economincal hatchbacks right through saloon / exec vehicles and even into high end specialist performance models.

Call 01164030235 Or view deals at the bottom of the page. Call for best availability.

*Please note businesses must have been trading for two years to be considered, unless they can demonstrate excellent business performance.


What are the benefits of courtesy car leasing?

If you are looking to lease a courtesy car for your garge or bodyshop you may be wondering if it is worth it or should you just go out and buy some old runners to keep your customers mobile whilst their car is being repaired.  Here we look at some of the benefits of courtesy car leasing and why you should consider courtesy car leasing for your business.

1) Leasing a courtesy car can ensure your customer have a vehicle whilst theirs is in repair.

2) Your customers may choose a slightly more expensive or further away repair centre if they have access to a newer, cleaner and more reliable courtesy car

3) When you lease a courtesy car, you can offset some of the VAT against your business.

4) Newer courtesy cars portray a better image, one of success and high customer care

5) Leasing a courtesy car enables you to have a consistant brand image

6) When you lease your courtesy cars, you have the option to have your business name and branding printed across the vehicle, further adversiting your company and its services.

7) Customers love to get into newer, safer, more efficient courtesy cars

8) Courtesy cars for bodyshops are a great way to keep customers coming back again and again.

9) You can increase your fee's if you supply a newer courtesy car


Why Choose Ready2Lease for your courtesy car leasing?

Some Lease brokers may offer you a courtesy car under the guise of it being for your automotive business, but with Ready2Lease courtesy cars we have actual contracts written especially for this very purpose, so you know that everything is above board and the funder that owns the vehicle knows the exact purpose of your lease.

We work with major funders and dealer groups to source the best deals and the cheapest courtesy cars.  We can supply all makes and models of courtesy car leasing.

In stock courtesy cars for lease.  We have stock ready to go on courtesy cars for lease, so no need to wait if you need something quick.

Call 01164030235 for the fastest way to find out whats available

Our most popular lease deals include SuzukiVolkswagenNissan and Peugeot



The above deals are available from stock direct from dealer, underwritten by a national lender that allows a contract amendment for bodyshop / dealers to use the lease as a courtesy car.  Any business ordering more than one courtesy car will benefit from a discount on the processing fee. 

We understand the motor industry and what you need, so we ensure that as well as having cheap courtesy car options we also have premium brands available on request to satisfy all types of requirements. 

We have supplied commercial vehicles as courtesy cars, premium german brand courtesy cars as well as cheapest in market supermini's.  Need something specific? No problem, we can order you one from the factory under the same agreement.  Here are Ready2Lease, we love other motor industry businesses and we love supplying courtesy cars for car dealers!

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