Tesla Leasing UK - Frequently Asked Questions



Tesla Leasing UK - Frequently Asked Questions

Tesla Leasing UK - Frequently Asked Questions
17 June 2023

Tesla Leasing UK - Our experts answer your questions

Their cars may be modern, exciting, fast and reliable, their customer service and sales approach is less so.  A minimalist approach from Tesla makes it harder for UK consumers to get on board.  We are here to help change that.

Do Tesla Lease cars UK?

Tesla dont lease them directly as they dont provide a credit facility.  Instead you would need to contact ourselves to arrange a lease.  We provide best rates in market from a panel of lenders that are suitable for business and personal users.

How do I know what Tesla stock is available?

The best place to go is over to Tesla Inventory UK - This will allow you to select your vehicle and narrow down the options to your preferred choice.  We have popped a link at the bottom of this page.

Can I Lease a Tesla for two years?

Yes you can, we provide Tesla lease deals from 24 months, through to 60 months depending on your requirements.  The minimum annual mileage is 5,000 per annum.

What is the Cheapest Tesla to Lease?

The Cheapest Tesla to lease is the Model 3, RWD auto in Pearl White.  

Can i use a Tesla to tow?

Yes you can, if you choose the Tesla Tow Kit when selecting your vehicle you will have the option to pull up to 1600KG on a braked trailer, Horse box or Caravan.

Are Tesla charging stations free?

Sadly not! Tesla charging stations have a fee per KwH, although Tesla supercharging can be included in your package on certain Tesla lease deals

What Tesla models are currently available to lease in the UK?

At the moment there are four models available, the Tesla Model 3 and the Tesla Model Y as right hand drive vehicles only.  Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X are only available in the UK as Left hand drive vehicles, this discourages most people from choosing these models.

Do Tesla cars need an MOT?

There are very few exceptions to MOT requirements in the UK.  All Tesla cars will need an MOT in their fourth year of life and every year thereafter.

Can you drive a Tesla in the Snow?

Yes you can, whilst we dont get too much snow in the UK there are still times of the year where it can become a problem for motorists.  The Tesla has a heavy battery which is distributed evenly across the vehicle, which helps to reduce sliding and helps to increase the surface area of the tyres on the ground.

How much is Road Tax on a Tesla?

The same as all electric cars, the current RFL rate on Teslas is £0 per year.  Please note this is subject to change in 2028 and you should check up to date infomation on this point. (Correct at time of writing, June 2023)

How is the driving range on a Tesla affected by cold weather?

All electric cars suffer some loss of range in colder conditions, although Tesla have a good reputation for this not causing too much of an issue.  If you can warm your Tesla up in a garage before driving you may benefit from retaining a small amount of extra range.  The weather in the UK is fairly consistant and therefore is unlikely to have a significant impact on your ability to drive a Tesla in poor weather conditions.

How much is insurance on a Tesla lease and are lease cars more expensive to insure?

Lease cars in general should not be any more expensive to insure that any other type of vehicle finance. Although you must ensure that the vehicle has fully comprehensive insurance throughout the lease period.

Average Cost of insurance on a Tesla in the UK:

Model 3 £821

Model Y £479

Model S 615

Model X £1248

Can I leave a Tesla plugged in whilst im away or on holiday?

The Tesla on-board computer knows the exact percentage that the battery is charged to and it will not overcharge.  It is safe to leave your Tesla plugged in for an extended period of time.

What VAT can be reclaimed on a Tesla Lease UK?

If you can prove the business is entirely for business use you can reclaim 100% of the finance VAT and 100% of the maintenance VAT.  In most cases the vehicle will have some or even occasional personal use, in which case you can reclaim 50% of the finance VAT and 100% of the maintenance VAT.

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