BMW X Range

BMW X Range
13 July 2023

Company car drivers unite, for the BMW X Range is in full swing.  Here we run you through the different models available, what you can expect and the key differences between models. 

Choosing a BMW X Range vehicle may seem straight forward. But don’t they all look kind of similar?  Well yes to some degree they do.  Size wise there isn’t really much in it.  Most people order them in Black or other equally sensible colours such as Alpine white but actually there is an awesome range of colours available such as Utah Orange or Cape York Green


utah orange BMW

Utah Orange iX Pictured above.


The BMW X1 represents a luxurious subcompact SUV that skilfully combines BMW's signature sporty driving dynamics with the practicality and functionality of an SUV. As a prominent member of BMW's esteemed X series, the X1 has been meticulously crafted to embody both style and substance, and it unquestionably lives up to expectations.

In terms of its exterior, the BMW X1 showcases a sleek and athletic design that distinctly reflects the BMW brand. Its robust body and prominent grille lend it a commanding presence, while the sculpted lines and ample ground clearance hint at its adventurous nature. Additionally, the LED headlights and taillights not only make a striking visual impact but also enhance visibility and safety.

Stepping inside the BMW X1, one is greeted by a sophisticated and luxurious cabin. The use of high-quality materials is evident throughout, from the plush seats to the soft-touch surfaces. The X1 also offers generous space for both passengers and cargo, boasting an interior that comfortably accommodates five adults and a spacious boot for all storage needs.

The driver-focused dashboard of the X1 features an intuitive layout and cutting-edge technology. It includes BMW's iDrive infotainment system, complete with a large and crisp display, navigation capabilities, and seamless smartphone integration. Furthermore, the vehicle is equipped with a range of safety features, such as lane departure warning and forward collision warning.

Beneath the hood, the BMW X1 offers a selection of powerful yet efficient engines, delivering a smooth and exhilarating driving experience. For those seeking enhanced traction and stability, BMW's xDrive all-wheel drive system is also available, adapting seamlessly to diverse driving conditions.

In summary, the BMW X1 transcends the realm of a typical compact SUV; it is a versatile, sophisticated, and performance-oriented vehicle that provides an unparalleled driving experience. Whether navigating city streets or venturing off-road, the BMW X1 proves to be a capable and dependable companion.



The BMW iX1 represents a significant advancement in BMW's electric vehicle lineup, as it introduces a compact SUV that seamlessly combines the practicality and dynamic performance inherent to the BMW brand with cutting-edge electric technology.

From an aesthetic standpoint, the iX1 retains the athletic appearance of the X1 series while incorporating distinctive elements that reflect its electric nature. Its sleek lines and aerodynamic design enhance its presence, while features like the closed-off kidney grille and sculpted bumpers subtly allude to its electric drivetrain. Inside the cabin, a harmonious blend of premium materials, innovative technology, and meticulous craftsmanship create a sophisticated and welcoming atmosphere.

The driving experience offered by the iX1 is truly exceptional, blending the sporty handling synonymous with BMW's "Ultimate Driving Machine" philosophy with the smooth and silent operation of an electric motor. The instant torque provided by the electric motor, coupled with precise steering and a well-balanced chassis, ensure that the iX1 is just as enjoyable to drive as any other model in BMW's lineup.

One of the standout features of the iX1 is its battery technology, which enables an impressive range on a single charge, effectively alleviating concerns about range anxiety. BMW has also prioritized convenience by providing various charging options, including high-speed public chargers and home charging installations.

Inside the iX1, futuristic elements take center stage, with digital displays and controls, intelligent connectivity, and a suite of advanced driver assistance systems. Features such as the BMW Live Cockpit Professional contribute to a highly digitalized driving experience, while the driver assistance technologies enhance safety and comfort on the road.

The BMW iX1 represents an exciting proposition for those seeking to transition to an electric vehicle without compromising on style, comfort, or driving dynamics. With its engaging driving dynamics, luxurious interior, and innovative technology, the iX1 embodies BMW's forward-looking vision for the future of mobility.



The BMW X3 stands out as a remarkable performer in the premium compact SUV category, offering an extraordinary fusion of luxury, utility, and driving dynamics. This vehicle successfully bridges the divide between sportiness and practicality, delivering an engaging driving experience while remaining incredibly accommodating and functional.

From an external perspective, the BMW X3 emanates a sense of muscular elegance. Its exterior design is characterized by a notably large kidney grille, robust yet streamlined body contours, and distinct LED headlights. Even at a standstill, the X3's athletic stance and dynamic lines convey its agility and power.

The interior of the X3 is equally impressive, exuding a sophisticated luxury through meticulous material craftsmanship and innovative technology. Premium upholstery and an intuitive layout create an environment that is both opulent and ergonomically pleasing. The iDrive infotainment system, complemented by a high-resolution display, grants easy access to a variety of functions, ensuring an enjoyable and comfortable journey.

One of the prominent highlights of the X3 is its versatility. With a spacious cabin comfortably accommodating five passengers and a generous luggage compartment, it is perfectly suited for daily commutes as well as extended family trips. The rear seats can be conveniently folded in a 40/20/40 split configuration, providing additional flexibility for cargo storage.

The driving experience is undoubtedly one of the primary reasons for choosing a BMW, and the X3 lives up to expectations. It offers a well-balanced ride quality, striking a harmonious balance between comfort and providing ample feedback to the driver. The xDrive all-wheel-drive system ensures exceptional traction and stability in diverse driving conditions.

In essence, the BMW X3 exemplifies the artistry of a luxury compact SUV. It seamlessly combines aesthetics, comfort, technology, and performance into a comprehensive package that undeniably captures attention within its segment.



The BMW iX3 represents a significant milestone for the brand as it introduces their first fully electric SUV. Combining the versatility and strength of the popular X3 model with cutting-edge zero-emission technology, it offers a striking fusion of style, practicality, and sustainability.

In terms of design, the iX3 stays true to BMW's sophisticated design ethos. The distinctive kidney grille, elegant lines, and sculpted surfaces make it instantly recognizable as a BMW vehicle. The addition of "blue" design accents, synonymous with BMW's electric models, further sets the iX3 apart from its conventionally powered counterparts.

Stepping inside, the iX3 provides an inviting and luxurious environment. Premium materials, well-thought-out ergonomics, and the renowned craftsmanship associated with BMW are evident throughout. The state-of-the-art infotainment system offers seamless connectivity and a range of intelligent features. Comfort is prioritized, with ample space for all occupants and a spacious and practical boot.

Behind the wheel, the iX3 showcases its unique qualities. The electric powertrain delivers smooth and nearly silent operation, coupled with the rapid acceleration characteristic of electric vehicles. Despite its SUV classification, the iX3 handles with the agility and responsiveness typically associated with BMW's passenger cars. The adaptive suspension ensures a comfortable ride, while the low center of gravity, thanks to the underfloor battery, contributes to impressive stability.

Charging the iX3 is straightforward and convenient, with compatibility across a wide range of charging points, including rapid chargers capable of replenishing the battery to 80% in just 34 minutes. The vehicle's regenerative braking system also aids in extending its range by capturing and recovering energy that would otherwise be lost.

The BMW iX3 is more than just an electric vehicle; it represents a luxurious, high-tech, and environmentally friendly SUV that offers a premium driving experience without compromising on comfort or practicality. With its zero-emissions credentials, it presents an excellent choice for modern, environmentally-conscious drivers.


Boldly embracing the future of mobility, the BMW iX represents a remarkable embodiment of luxury, power, and innovative technology. As a fully electric SUV, it exemplifies BMW's commitment to sustainability without compromising on performance, comfort, or style. Seamlessly integrating eco-consciousness with BMW's renowned driving pleasure, the iX stands as a statement of the brand's progressive approach.

Visually captivating, the iX harmoniously blends robust SUV proportions with futuristic design elements. The innovative and minimalist approach extends to the distinct kidney grille, which serves as an intelligent sensor panel with integrated camera technology rather than a conventional air intake. Every detail, from the aerodynamic lines to the flush door handles and frameless windows, contributes to a sleek and cohesive design language that exudes sophistication and advanced technology.

The interior of the iX creates an oasis of comfort and tranquillity, designed to evoke the ambiance of a "living space" on wheels. The cabin offers a spacious and open environment, adorned with high-quality materials that promote a sense of calm and well-being. The minimalist dashboard, free-standing curved display, and panoramic sunroof further enhance the sense of expansiveness, providing passengers with a feeling of freedom and openness.

One of the standout aspects of the iX is its advanced technology. Equipped with the latest version of BMW's iDrive, the iX offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface that seamlessly integrates with your digital life. The system incorporates a natural voice-activated Personal Assistant, 5G capability for swift data transfer, and an extensive range of connectivity features.

Driving the iX is a truly distinctive experience. It combines the silence and smoothness of an electric powertrain with the dynamic handling and performance that BMW is renowned for. Instant and powerful acceleration, precise steering, and impressive agility, despite its size, all contribute to a thrilling driving experience that surpasses expectations.

In terms of sustainability, the iX goes beyond zero local emissions. It incorporates a high proportion of recycled materials and renewable resources, while BMW strives to uphold the highest standards of sustainability and resource efficiency throughout the production process.

Ultimately, the BMW iX transcends being just a car; it represents a forward-thinking vision of the future of mobility. It embodies a sustainable, luxurious, and exhilaratingly exciting driving experience, setting a new standard for what can be achieved in the realm of electric vehicles.


The BMW X4 is an SUV that exudes dynamic sportiness, featuring a coupe-like styling with its steeply raked rear roofline. It seamlessly merges the practicality of an SUV with BMW's renowned design and performance, resulting in a distinctive combination that is both visually striking and versatile.

With its muscular body and low center of gravity, the X4 commands attention on the road while delivering impressive driving dynamics. Its agile and lively feel can be attributed to BMW's well-engineered suspension and precise steering, enhancing the overall driving experience.

The cabin of the X4 is equally impressive, boasting a blend of high-quality materials and sleek design elements. It offers a comfortable and refined environment for occupants. BMW's infotainment system is among the best in the industry, and there are ample options available to elevate the technology to the highest levels of luxury.

Despite the sloping roofline, the X4 provides good roominess up front, and rear passengers won't feel compromised either. Additionally, the boot offers decent storage space, and the rear seats can be folded down to enhance practicality for those who require it.

In terms of safety, the X4 comes equipped with a range of standard features, including parking sensors, a reversing camera, and various driver assistance systems.

Overall, the BMW X4 presents a unique proposition in the SUV segment by combining practicality with a sporty character and luxurious appointments. It is an ideal choice for individuals seeking a distinctive family car that doesn't compromise on performance or quality.

Leasing a BMW from the X Range from Ready2Lease - Premium Business Vehicle Leasing

Leasing a BMW X Range vehicle from Ready2Lease provides an excellent opportunity to experience the luxury, performance, and versatility of BMW's renowned lineup of SUVs. With a wide range of X models available, Ready2Lease offers flexible leasing options that cater to different preferences and needs. In this article, we will explore the benefits of leasing a BMW X Range vehicle from Ready2Lease, the available models, and the leasing process.

Leasing a BMW X Range vehicle from Ready2Lease comes with several advantages. First and foremost, leasing allows you to enjoy driving a brand-new BMW without the long-term commitment of ownership. Instead of purchasing a vehicle outright, leasing provides the opportunity to drive a BMW X model for a fixed period, typically ranging from 24 to 48 months, while paying a monthly lease payment.

One of the key benefits of leasing is the lower upfront costs compared to purchasing a vehicle. When you lease from Ready2Lease, you generally pay a lower down payment and reduced monthly payments compared to financing or purchasing a new vehicle outright. This can free up your budget for other priorities or enable you to upgrade to a higher trim level or additional options that enhance your driving experience.

Leasing also offers flexibility at the end of the lease term. When your lease agreement concludes, you have several options to consider. You can choose to return the vehicle to Ready2Lease and explore a new BMW model or other vehicle options. Alternatively, you might be able to extend the lease depending on its age and the lenders terms of business.

Ready2Lease offers a comprehensive range of BMW X models to suit different preferences and requirements. The BMW X1, the smallest member of the X Range, is a compact and versatile SUV that offers a perfect blend of agility, practicality, and luxury. It is an excellent choice for urban driving and delivers a responsive and dynamic driving experience.

For those seeking a slightly larger option, the BMW X3 provides a compelling choice. It combines sporty elegance with generous interior space, making it ideal for families or individuals who require extra cargo capacity. The X3 boasts advanced technology, luxurious amenities, and exceptional performance to elevate your driving experience.

The BMW X5 is a midsize luxury SUV that offers a perfect balance of power, refinement, and versatility. With its spacious cabin, advanced safety features, and cutting-edge technology, the X5 provides a luxurious and comfortable ride for both driver and passengers. It is also available with a range of engine options, including plug-in hybrid variants, for those interested in eco-friendly driving.

For drivers seeking the pinnacle of luxury and performance, the BMW X7 is the flagship of the X Range. With its commanding presence, opulent interior, and powerful engines, the X7 embodies the ultimate in luxury SUVs. It offers three rows of seating, advanced technologies, and a host of premium features to provide an unrivaled driving experience.

The leasing process with Ready2Lease is designed to be straightforward and convenient. To begin, you can browse through their website or visit one of their showrooms to explore the available BMW X Range models and determine which one suits your preferences. Ready2Lease offers personalized assistance to guide you through the leasing process, ensuring that you understand all the terms and conditions.

Once you have selected your desired BMW X Range model, Ready2Lease will work with you to tailor a lease agreement that aligns with your budget and driving needs. They will provide you with a detailed breakdown of the lease terms, including the monthly payments, mileage allowance, and any additional options or packages you have chosen.

After finalizing the lease agreement, you can drive away in your new BMW X Range vehicle. Ready2Lease will provide ongoing support throughout your lease term, assisting with any maintenance or service needs you may have. They can also provide guidance on lease-end options and assist you with the return process when the lease concludes.

In conclusion, leasing a BMW X Range vehicle from Ready2Lease offers an exciting opportunity to enjoy the luxury, performance, and versatility of BMW's renowned SUV lineup. With flexible lease options, a range of available models, and a straightforward leasing process, Ready2Lease ensures that you can experience the thrill of driving a BMW X model while benefiting from the advantages of leasing. Whether you choose the compact X1, the versatile X3, the refined X5, or the luxurious X7, leasing from Ready2Lease is a fantastic way to elevate your driving experience and enjoy the best of BMW's X Range vehicles.


What does BMW stand for?

The acronym BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke GmbH, which generally is translated as the Bavarian Engine Works Company. The name harks back to the company's origin in the German region of Bavaria



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