BMW 1 Series news and FAQ's

BMW 1 Series news and FAQ's
22 June 2023

BMW 1 Series news and FAQ's

If a BMW 1 series is on your mind for the next time you come to replace your lease car you might be considering which trim level is best (or best value), should you go for automatic or stick with the cheaper manual and what extras are available to you.  In this article we go through these points plus loads more to help start you journey.  We've also included some commonly asked questions about leasing in general that is worth reading if you are new to car leasing.


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What trim levels are available in the BMW 1 series? 

  1. SE
  2. Sport
  3. M-Sport
  4. 128ti
  5. M135i

The SE is the entry level model, not often seen advertsied as a popular lease deal but a great option if bells and whilstles are not at the top of your list.  Features still include cruise control, DAB Radio, Auto Light and Wipers, Single Zone Air Con and 16" Grey Alloy wheels.

The Sport model offers a more athletic look with high gloss shadowline design elements as well as bigger 17" alloys with a lighter finish. 

The M-Sport has aerodynamic bodystyling , black trigon cloth and 18" double spoke style 819 M Alloy Wheels

The 128ti is a newer trim level and consists of Automatic Air Con, Leather steering wheel, BMW Live cockpit plus with navigation and a 60:40 through loading system.

The M135i is the top of the range in terms of specification and engine.  Most people looking for an M135i are interested in the latter, and 306hp with a 062 of less than 5 seconds, you wont be diassapointed. 

What colours are available on the BMW 1 Series?

When it comes to colours, you will often see lease deals adveritsed including only the free paint, its very rare that metallic paints from BMW are included for free.

Alpine White - Free of cost and available on all models.

Black Saphire Metallic £595 inc vat.

Melbourne Red Metallic £595 inc vat.

Misano Blue Metallic £595 inc vat.

Storm Bay £595 inc vat.

Skyscraper Grey Metallic £595 inc vat.

How much does metallic paint add to the cost of a lease?

In most cases the formula is very simple, you take the number of months of your contract, minus 1.  Then you add on the number of initial payment you have (1/3/6/9 or 12) and then divide the cost of the paint by the total number of payments for example:

A 3 year contract with 3 rentals in advance and paint costing £595 would be 3 (initial) + 35 (monthlies) = 38. Paint £595 divided by 38 = £15.65 per month.  This will always get you within a pound or so of having an accurrate price for your lease car.

What Extra's are available with a BMW 1 sereies?  

Well there are a lot to list of all of them, but some standout options are:

Comfort pack £1575 

  • Comfort Access
  • Electric Bootlid
  • Electric front seats and memory function
  • Heated Steering Wheel

M-Sport Pro Pack £2310

  • BMW Individual high-gloss Shadow Line with extended contents
  • Harman / Kardon Surround Sound Audio System
  • M Sport Brakes with Blue Calipers
  • M Sport Seat Belts
  • M Sport Spoiler
  • Sun Glass Protection


Automatic or manual BMW 1 series?

The world is changing and with it so is our desire to drive automatic vehicles.  But why?  Manuals had always been the main transmission in the UK and the main thing that has changed is that auto gear boxes have become significantly more economical, quicker changing gear and reliable.   These improvements have driven many people to change and as such we are able to offer both manual and automatic transmissions on the new BMW 1 series.


Is it wise to lease a BMW?

Leasing offers many benefits, such as lower monthly payments, low deposit or no deposit options, no risk at the end of the lease, Your road tax and warranty will also be included in your monthly payment.  The great thing about long term leasing is that you are sealing in todays price for a number of years, which means you are locking in that cheaper rate.


Is there a credit check to lease a BMW?

Yes there is a credit check in all scenarios when leasing a BMW.  Regulated (private or personal) users are required to obtain credit in their own name.  Businesses (unregulated, BCH) are required to have a credit check in the business name.  Some lenders allow a personal guarentor against a business lease.


How hard is it to get approved for a BMW Lease?

We use a panel of lenders and the one we choose for BMW applications depends on who is cheapest.  More often than that we use BMW Financial Services.  BMWFS would be looking for a good credit score, no missed payments and a steady income with clear affordability to consider a lease appliction on a new car.  For business we would need to see at least two years trading history or proof of exceptional profits.

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