Audi Lease Deals UK

Audi Lease Deals UK
15 June 2023

Need help with your Audi Lease Deal?

Good news! Ready2Lease are here to help with your questions. OUR Audi Lease FAQ's are below to help you in your journey, you can also visit our Audi Lease deal page by Clicking Here


How Much is a Lease Payment on an Audi?

Lease deals on Audi Cars start from around £230 a month for Audi A1, and rise up over £1000 a month for high spec Audi RS models.  Many of the mid range cars have offers available, such as the Audi A5, Audi Q4 E-Tron and Audi GT Saloon.


Is it better to buy or lease an Audi?

That all depends on your personal preference.  There are pro's and con's to all manor of running a vehicle.  When you buy an Audi, you run the risk of the price being higher than it should be, the car breaking down or having mechanical faults, you also dont know what kind of life that car led prior to your acquisition.  Of course many of these drawbacks can be eliminated by buying brand new, but in doing so you often lose as much as 40% of the initial cost price in the first 12 month of driving, meaning you have to keep the vehicle for a really long time to bring down the average monthly cost.  When you lease an Audi, you get the benefit of additional discounts secured on the vehicle by the lender or broker.  However with a lease you are tied into that contract for the number of months you sign up for, returning the car ealy normally comes with penalties so you should be sure its the right length of time for you before you commit.


What does Audi S Tronic mean?

Audi S Tronic is their name for an automatic gearbox.  It is the standard term used across all Audi cars that are automatic and it refers to their double clutch sporty feel gear changes.  You can opt for a manual or automatic gearbox on any new Audi Lease.


What does TFSI stand for on Audi Cars?

TFSI Stands for Turbo Fuel Stratified Injection.  It is essentially a petrol enging with a combination of supercharging and turbocharging, combined by Audi to give the best all round performance and fuel economy they can for each model.  All Petrol engines from Audi are designated as TFSI.


Is the Audi TFSI Engine reliable?

In a word, Yes.  Audi is part of the VAG group that also includes brands such as Volkswagen and Skoda.  Their cars are well known for being good quality, reliable and safe.  Of course all cars have their occasional fault, but new Audi's are considered to be highly reliable.


What does Quattro mean on Audi Cars?

Quattro is simply italian for the number four (4) It is a trademarked term used by Audi to describe their cars that have four wheel drive, which is mostly popular on electric cars and high performance vehicles.


Are Audi Cars expensive to maintain?

Audi Cars are in the higher tiers for car maintenance due to the labour and part prices at most franchised Audi dealerships.  They are roughly 19% higher than the UK average.

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Can i lease an Audi car through my business?

Yes you can, all lease deals are available to business users as well as private individuals.  Rates for Business leases are normally quoted to exlcude VAT.  Businesses must have been trading for at least two years to be considered for an Audi lease until you include a personal guarentee.

















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