7 Exciting New Cars for Summer 2023

7 Exciting New Cars for Summer 2023
06 June 2023

1) 2023 MG Cyberster

Having owned a couple of the original MG F's and MG TF rear engine sports cars the unveiling of the first MG Roadster in two decades is absolutely met with my approval.

Mg Cyberster

The biggest changes? Well normally you would assume that the electric motor itself is pretty unique, but MG haven't stopped there. The Cyberster comes complete with Lamborghini style scissor doors and a Yoke steering wheel. A lot of data and spec is yet to be released by MG, but one thing we do know is that it will be able to hit 60mph in about 3 seconds dead.


2) BYD Dolphin and BYD Seal

Who? Yes indeed. Who is the first question on most peoples mind when you start talking about BYD motors. Founded in 1995, they may not be a well known name in the UK but they have 30 industrial parks across 6 continents and sold nearly two millions vehicles worldwide in 2022.

BYD Dolphin Lease

The BYD Dolphin (pictured above) is a high tech, affordable electric car coming to the UK, It has a "floating" centre console, sustainable Vegan leather seats, extra space in the back for 5 adults and a panoramic sunroof.


BYD's second vehicle to land in the UK is the Seal. A Saloon vehicle designed to compete with the likes of Tesla and Polestar. Complete with BYD's own innovate blade battery, Intelligent Torque Adaption Control (iTAC) and a heat pump as standard. We think it looks great too.

BYD Seal Lease

3) New Skoda Kodiaq

We don't expect to see the new Kodiaq until a little later in 2023, but we do know it has upgrades and engine options we haven't seen before;

Skoda Kodiaq Lease

The range is expected to continue with both a 5-seater or a 7-seater and the introduction of a PHEV (Plug in Electric Hybrid) . Skoda have already confirmed it will have as much as 62 miles of pure electric range, ideal for the school run or short trips into the city.


4) 2023 Ford Explorer

I had to double check that this was actually coming to the UK. The New Ford Explorer is somewhat different to most Ford models you see on our bumpy roads. Its shape is kind of a mix between a Kuga, EcoSport and Edge.

Ford Explorer Lease

Well one thing we do know for sure is that it is going to be 100% electric, with an estimated range of 250-299 miles and as much as 300bhp. Ford describe it as having a huge infotainment screen (Think Tesla) and being loaded with technology. Pricewise we expect it to fall a fraction under the that of the Mustang Mach-E

5) Smart 1

If you didn't know already, Smart cars have a deep relationship with Mercedes-Benz, both of which are owned by German company Daimler AG. Therefore you can always rely on the quality. Having said all that, we really didn't embrace the early Smart cars that well in the UK, despite the fact they are perfect for some of our tiny village roads.

Smart 1 Lease

Another all electric supermini - with a massive range up to 275 miles and plenty of equipment this could be the model to change the perception amongst UK buyers. Look out for the Brabus edition and its 428 wild horses under the electric bonnet.

6) Maserati GranCabrio

Wow. Just wow. Maserati have done it again. Is there anything more beautiful than the look and the sound of a Maserati? Historically they had been a lot of flash for a lot of cash. That doesn't look like its going to change anytime soon. The new GranCabrio features the same 3.0 V6 as its brother, the hardtop Maserati Gran Turismo.

Maserati Grancabrio Lease

What about Electric? Yeh sure. There is expected to be a "Folgore" version which will have not one, not two but three electric motors, producing enough horsepower to pull a small freight train (706 BHP, to be exact)

7. Abarth 500e

Did we save the best until last? The Maserati is a tough act to follow but the Abarth 500e is certainly very cool. Our roads are absolutely littered with Fiat 500's, Here at Ready2Lease they are ever popular with young drivers, short journey drivers and business with an irregular fleet requirements such as pool cars for estate agents. The Abarth version however is a little less daisy and a little more crazy.

Abarth 500e Lease

Its only a single motor but that is all this beauty really needs. 155hp front wheel drive supermini that will hit 62mph in 7 seconds.


That's it for this episode. Please share the article with your friends and colleagues and take a moment to leave us a comment on your thoughts about the new crop of cars coming through, what is missing? What would you love to see or what are you waiting for in 2023 and beyond.

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